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Partly erect when flaccid?

Partly erect when flaccid?


I have noticed something that is not really that big of a problem, but I should still mention it.
I don’t know if it is a result of PE, but my penis sort of points out a little even when flaccid. Like if it is erect to some degree. Kinda embarassing if someone in the shower room would think I am aroused or something.
Suggestions on what to do?

Yeah, mine does that, too. More circulation and no place to put it - yet. I’m not in any locker rooms any more so I don’t really care, but I’m watching to see if more uli’s will change it.

I’m in the same situation.

It ‘s because my scrotum is high up and close to the pubic bone and I don’t have low hanging balls.

Best regards


Any excersises we can do to counter this little problem?

Better partly erect when flaccid than partly flaccid when erect.

The answer is simple …just takes time. My flaccid (when it felt like appearing) stuck straight out or at about 45º / 30º to floor. Now it is longer, and it noticeably *curves* down towards the floor. Still a ways to go before head points straight down, but now at least half the shaft is, say, 75º to floor.

The ball stretcher is my next bet.


Well put, Guiri.

I get this with a flaccid hang of 4”-5” even with my balls hanging very loose, as in the shower. Hey, I’ll take it, and keep going. It’s better than an acorn…

I also have the same “problem” ;) . I’m 6 1/4” when flacid but the winnie still feels a little erect.

I have another comment. After a good exercise it fells like “ants” in the shaft, I mean every 10-15 seconds this creeping sensation will occur. Veterans, is this normal and is it a good sign (or a bad one)?

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