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Part of the problem...

Part of the problem...

Hey guys,

Looking over the “bending” threads, both here and at PE Forums, I think part of the problem/confusion is caused by different interpretations of what an “erection” is.

I know we have the “60 or 70%” erect thing that is used, but it is as confusing as hell, at least to me. Does anyone know of a chart, or anything like that, that spells out the different phases/degrees of an erection??

If not, is it something that you think should be hammered out on the forums, so there is some kind of standard or easily understood description??

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You’re right, that is a HUGE gray area. Also, the turgidity of one’s man’s 100% erection might be only 75% for the next guy. So many variables.

What I mean is that fully erect for one guy may not be nearly as “hard” as fully erect for the next guy. Yeah.

And there are variable days for each individual. You’re in a hurry to finish the workout; not really in the mood to do it anyway? This effects degrees of hardness.



I have my own rule of thumb in this area. If I have a fierce woody, I take a nail and jab it once. If the nail bends, I am 100% erect. If my dick bleeds, I am 90% or less. PLEASE - DON”T EVER TRY THIS - IT IS ONLY FOR BLUE STEEL PENISES.

Seriously, one should be able to tell. If it is too hard to effectively compress the shaft and push blood forward, it is too hard to jelq. When you have some stiffness, but can still compress the tissue and get the blood moving toward the head, that is about right. It’s not rocket science. Just my HO

Happy jelqing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good point, Thunder

I think erection level is something in need of better definition. This is difficult because there are at least several variables to consider: degree of involvement of the erectile mechanism, size increase over “normal” flaccid, engorgement caused by a tourniquet grip, and probably more. Size and rigidity alone aren’t enough to describe the variations. Consider:

A guy sees a sexy lady walk by and gets an erection. His penis attains maximum size and is fully rigid. The size and rigidity are a result of the body’s “erectile mechanism” working.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a guy with ED who pumps up his dick to maximum size and rigidity, then attaches a cock ring. Here there is the same full size and rigidity, yet the “erectile mechanism” isn’t functioning at all.

Then there is all the middle ground in between…

Well I think this is something we should work on clearing up. Yes there are many variables to consider. Some kind of an explaination that leaves no room for misinterpretaions by the guy trying out a new exercise. There could even be two scales, a “natural” and an “erection assisted by cock ring, tourniquet grip, etc.

Something like:

Level 1 Turtle dick, smaller than normal flaccid, brought on by temperature, exertion, embarassment, etc.

All the way up to:

Level ??? Diamond cutter, fully erect naturally, not pliable at all.

I also think that we should make an effort to get the person posting a new exercise or variation to explain, in as much detail as possible, the complete exercise, is this for beginner’s or advanced, and degree of erection. This can be done by asking questions, or we could come up with some kind of a guideline for posting new exercises.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Let's See

Two threads a few urologists, and 25+ posts later.

How about trying option C. A little common sense!

I know that’s probably not what the debaters, want to be scientists, comedians and other interested parties want to heard.

However, if your doing an exercise that requires Albert Einstien to do a calibrated density test prior to starting then maybe we should error on the side of safety. Skip the Viagra yohimbe cocktail before going for it and do the damn thing at 3/4 or less erection.

Dick bending crips, what’s it going to be next … hanging weights off your dick.


PS I apologize in advance for upsetting anyone with this silly post


Back on the old PE forum we had four levels 1-4 of hard on’s. level 4 being the blue steel hard as a diamond erection, and down to one that was a slightly less than normal hardon.


How about if we start looking and talking about it in a different light. It is hard to estimate from flaccid size to full erection in percentages from guy to guy, but if we start saying 20% flaccid. Also if we visualize a clock face, henry would be at about 8 on the clock or 80% erect.


Jab it with a nail?? You sick basterd! I just turn the nail around & see if I can pound it through a 1/2” chunk of ply wood with my hard on. If I can’t it is not a full erection.

That whole 70% erect stuff is hard for me to figure, and part of the reason that I have trouble with jelquin and things like that. I dont get erect per say, I get as hard as a rock most times. And, while I have no opinion on the validity of erect bends, the thought of doing them with my dick scares the poop out of me. I have known some guys that messed up Mr. Happy for good having rough/creative sex with a 80% (whatever, hard, but not rock hard) erection. One guy lost over an inch in length, has ED, and a nasty hook to one side. Check on some of lill1’s post on this topic for.

Can erect bends be done safely & will they give gains? I expect that the answer is yes. All the stuff that we are doing can mess you up if done incorrectly.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


I agree with you. Also, I wanted to thank you for the tantric sex book recommendations. I got both books and have been working on my own thought processes. Maybe I’ll get there some day.


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