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Palm fulcrum stretch

Palm fulcrum stretch

Here is a stretch that helps me target yet another area for growth.

Begin with a firm OK grip at the very base of the penis. Without slipping, pull outward until the suspensatory ligament “web” is stretched out from the body. Now, with a prying motion, press the heel of your palm into the suspensatory web until you bottom out against the “new” stretched base of the penis, stretching the ligs from the side and then prying up like a claw hammer to get more penis out of the body if possible. You must alternate hands, the right hand will only press in from the right side, the left hand will only work the left side. Expect some arm fatigue with this one after a while. Great way to work the sides of the lig bundle, and get a stretch down low on the shaft.Warm up first, of course, and be careful.

Sort of like an inversed A or V-Stretch or something? I don’t really get it.

As you lift with the OK grip, rotate the heel of your palm downward and against the ligament “web.” Then use the heel of the palm against stomach as a fulcrum point and pry by rotating the OK grip. Try it.

Feels like it works well. Feels intense though, like you could strain something if you aren’t careful. Take it easy at first and get the feel of it. Thanks for sharing, swinglow.


Hey seyz, I should have mentioned that you start with the OK grip PALM DOWN. When you pull it up from there, you are getting another hand width of length stretched before you rotate the heel of the palm inward. Sorry, this is my first thread.

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