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Pain Tolerance vs. Gains

Pain Tolerance vs. Gains

This is a just a thought as to why some gain better than others. Everyone reacts different

to pain, thats a given, and I think that may make all the difference in the world.

When stretching it is recommended to stretch to the point of mild discomfort. Now, here is

my theory, what I consider mild discomfort may actually be severe pain for some. If thats

true the stretch I do will promote gains for me, yet another person does the same stretch

and has no or very limited gains. So is it possible that the higher the tolerance the better

the gains? Now this doesn’t mean if you have low tolerance to pull harder, you would increase

your chance of hurting yourself, you never want to push the pain barrier. This was just a

thought, hopefully I got the point across, I am not very good at writing. I would like to

know what everyone thinks of this.

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Good topic for both forums.

Very good post. I think you have hit on one of the basic tenets of PE. The variations in the pain tolerance of individuals relates directly to the amount of stress that can be placed on each individuals unit. I have always advocated, no pain. But for some, it could be a matter of the amount of stress without pain is not sufficient to allow for gains.

Good thoughts,


Jut to add to the thread. I usually allow slight pain(discomfort) and thats where I usually gain.

Re: Pain Tolerance vs. Gains

Originally posted by BigRig
>>hopefully I got the point across, I am not very good at writing. <<

What do you mean? It was very well written and it is a very interesting point you make.

I have a low pain threshold. If it hurts, I won’t do it. Maybe it is why I am a slow gainer.

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