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Pain From Manual Pe: A Question to All

Pain From Manual Pe: A Question to All

What kind of pains and sprains have you fellow pe’ers received from manual pe?

Just briefly describe any sort of pain you have recorded after manual jelqing and stretching from your fingers to your toes, how long it lasted for, and how it rated relatively on a scale from 1-10 with 0 being absolutely no pain, 1 being little but manageable pain, and 10 being so severe you needed morphine administered through iv.

I’m putting together a stretching and pressure point routine to warm up before manual exercises preventing some injuries common with pe. So any feedback would be very much appreciated and help me put everything together faster.

Thanks in advance guys.

Alright, I'll get the ball rolling.

I frequently get a dull pain in the palms of my hands close to the thumbs, to my wrists,and down the inside of the forearms which lasts for about 1 hour to a day at the most.
Pain level: 2

Other pains noted:
Lower back pain and neck pain from curling foreward to get those last jelqs which lasts about 15-30 min or until I stretch and walk around a bit.
Pain level:3

Infrequent pains observed:
A light headache on either the very top of my head or the back of the skull which comes with tightness in the neck usually due to overzealous stimulation.
Pain level:1-3


Might want to check out this thread, if you’re not hip to the whole Canning Tongs thing.
Homemade Power JELQ

Work out your dick rather than your hands.

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That would be an absolute no there BG, thanks for the advice though.

I’m just too old school and prefer to do everything with my one hands, a pump, and clamp.

Jelqing has very often made my dick hurt. I feel technical excercises are safer since you have better control.

I have a very strong grip from powerlifting though so I might simply be squeezing to fucking hard.

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Penile pain is kind of a given when it comes to Pe.

Have you experienced any other sort of pains such as in your wrists, fingers,or forearms?

Surface pain from jerking it and jelqing too often 3. A few day break clears it.

Pain in my ligs from stretching 2. Normally goes away immediately after stretching.

I haven’t had any pain, just some discomfort:

1. Early on my hands would cramp up, mostly my left hand. As time goes on that has become less of a problem unless I’ve taken too much time off.
2. After a good stretch I used to feel some tenderness in the tendons. That happened again while I was ramping up this second phase, but it’s gone for now I think.
3. I get that “tired dick feeling.” Anyone who has come several times in a day has probably felt the same thing (I know I had before I PE’d). That was squarely from the jelqing.

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