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I’ve been PEing for 1 year now. Prior to PEing I rarely had problems with getting really hard erections when I was with a female. I occasionally had the couldn’t get it up thing, but I was never worried about it because I knew it was in my head because everything was fine when I was by myself. During my first month of doing PE my erections went from really hard to superhard. During the night, I constantly had rock solid erections that would spring up for no reason.

During the second month, I noticed I had a loss of sensitivity around the head and also that my erections were getting weaker. When I was with a girl I had a hard time staying hard. I would get to about 80 or 90% and if I didn’t have stimulation that would drop off quick. I know I probably should have adjusted my routine at that point, but I was seeing good gains so I actually increased it. Roughly 10 months later, my problem has got worse. The only time I get decently hard (80% or so) is right before I ejaculate. I had sex with a new girl 2 Sundays ago that is really attractive, and I kept losing my erection. I eventually had to masturbate myself right up to the point of ejaculation and then stick it in for the last minute or so. After that incident, I swore off of PE until things returned to normal.

For the first three days of no PE, I don’t recall getting hard at all, unless it happened in my sleep. Not even a semi. Also, some numbness started to appear. After the third day, I started to get about 70% erect at night without any stimulation, but it wouldn’t last but for a minute or so. The most morning wood I’ve had has been a semi. Also, my flaccid is really small and skinny compared to what it usually was when I was PEing.

Tomorrow will make 10 days that I’ve went without any PE. But tonight I did masturbate up until I almost ejaculated, but my erection was really really weak. I started PE 1 year ago at a little under 7 BPEL and I’m now a little under 8.5 BPEL. My goal is to hit either 9 or 9.25 BPEL and then focus on gaining girth, which now is a little over 5. I’d like to get it up to 6. I’ve only did manual exercises. Just jelqing and stretching. I’m only 24 so I don’t want to worry about erection problems now. I’m guessing that I’ve spent the majority of my PE career overtraining. Any viewpoints, similar stories, or advice on this?


regards, mgus

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I’m starting to think that maybe all the edging I’ve done has lead to my erection problems. I work at home so after I PE, I’ll edge off and on for like 5-6 hours. I think I’m so used to getting erections through that, that I’m not used to getting normal erections. When I started getting weaker erections was during my 2nd month of PE. That’s when I started edging a lot. Any thoughts???

Sounds like you might of figured it out yourself. I have done edging before and it led to the same thing being fully hard only before the PONR. I’m getting back to normal now. I would stop.

Originally Posted by Long Grass
Sounds like you might of figured it out yourself. I have done edging before and it led to the same thing being fully hard only before the PONR. I’m getting back to normal now. I would stop.

Yeah, I’m done with it. How long did it take for you to get back to normal?

A mistake I made was I kept edging and edging until I was erect enough to do exercises that needed to be erect. I could tense up my legs and chest to achieve this quicker. Through doing this, in my experience, led to PONR before fully erect instead of the other way around. I haven’t fully recovered yet, but am on the road to achieving this. I don’t think it will take that long as long as I wait until I can get a full enough erection to do the exercises, and if I’m tired do without tensing up or edging. Kegels are you best friend for conquering this. Edging is one exercise that is not for me.

Grrrr. It’s been 14 days with no PE and my erections still haven’t got any better. I can’t even maintain a 30% erection without manual stimulation. I was supposed to spend the weekend with a chick, but I’ve been avoiding her. Also, to make things worse, I met this new girl, half mexican 19 year old chick that is like 5’3, weighs 100 lbs, with big C’s that wants me to have sex with her. She wants me to use a vibrator on her ass and everything. The whole time I was talking to her, I had like a 10% erection tops. Under normal circumstances I would have been like at least 80%. I masturbated to completion for the first time in 2 weeks last night (without edging) and I ejaculated at like a weak 40%. If there is a god, he’s definitely having fun with me right now. :(

Don’t touch your weiner, drink lots of water, exercise, get a hobby.

You are already big enough so its not like your missing out on time. Id rather have a rock hard 6.5 then a limp 8 that stays flaccid personally… So just forget about PE for a long ass time. And dont edge anymore. Don’t even masturbate, for a few days at least.

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Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

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Sounds like what happened to me when I took SSRIs and then another time when I took Strattera. You haven’t just recently been taking new medications?

I’ve been there myself, a few times actually.

I can guarantee that some of it is in your head, due to you dwelling on it so much, you have now scared yourself to be unable to have a good erection.

I would definately do a nice long deconditioning break for healing purposes.

I would also have as much sex as you can with these hotties and stop thinking about how hard your dick is during the sex.

Sometimes your dick is harder or extended more than you can tell, because you have it in-bedded in her ass.

You can also try some supplements.

Tongkat Ali, Tribulas, even the notorious penis pills will help with erection problems by increasing the blood flow.

Exercise is a great way to get the heart pumping fresh blood to your dick, which in return will help with healing.

I know this is a hard one for me, but lay off the booze for a while. (Or drugs if you have any of that going on) Do that during your decon break.

As I said, alot of it is psychological, so excite yourself more when you are with these hotties.

Visual stimulation works great for me.

I look at the girl and think, WOOHOO! Looky what I hooked up with tonight!

(Of course you need to hook up with a girl that makes you think that) ;)

Last resort, but it will open up your erections to max potential, and possibly help heal, but try viagra or cialis.

I used to take SSRIs but not in 2 years. All the medication that I’m taking now, I’ve done so for at least 2 years also, so I don’t think it’s that. Today’s been the best day out of my break so far. When I look at a nice picture I can feel myself getting excited just from the visual stimulation. No where close to 100% erection yet, but I’ve noticed an improvement. I did 50 5 sec hold kegals yesterday. I didn’t do any today. I didn’t know if that would mess with my brief decon. I want to be able to wake up in the morning again with a good 5+ minute 100% hard on with no manual stimulation.

I don’t drink or anything so I don’t have to worry about that, and I jog regularly. I’m guessing I’m just playing the waiting game now. Does anyone think that kegals would hurt me?

Don’t edge at all. Eat healthy and run like your doing. I do them spontaniously after workouts, but don’t do like 5,000 of them. You know a reasonable amount…

I hated kegels. Everyone has their own opinion, maybe I just did too many at first but I believe that I lost my ability to “hold my load” or even maintain an erection. I dunno, I stopped doing them and I am good to go.

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5

It’s been roughly 21 days now and my erection quality still sucks. I still think I’m improving somewhat. I masturbated this morning and the feeling I got was more similar to pre PE than it has been since I started. I felt myself gradually increase in feeling until I climaxed, when recently it would usually hit me right when I got got ready to cum. Maybe, at this stage, more masturbation is the key? Maybe the more I masturbate (once daily, no edging involved), the faster I will return to normal. I’m not looking at porn when I stroke btw.

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