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Overdoing PE: Signs

Overdoing PE: Signs


I was searching the Main Member and Newbie forum for the word “overdoing” & “overworking” as clarification for this is needed from my side. So I typed these words and examined all the outputs. There were a hell a lot, which I found as not so good because they were not realy dealing the subject except for one: The thread was started a long time ago, in October 2002.

There sb (walter) said:
“If your penis is constantly shriveled all day after the initial jelq “pump,” you are no longer getting red spots, your penis feels a little cold all the time, or you are unable to maintain a hard erection, then you are probably overtraining. It is ridiculous to continue Peing when your penis would be unresponsive to more work.”

Well, this is almost exactly what I see and feel now. My penis really shrivels immediately after I stop my daily routine. (Probably 1 - 1 1/2 h is too much). I do not see red spots as I used to at the beginning. And I am unable to maintain a hard erection. Not only right after your jelq but also the next day. There, I even had the impression that my dick has become smaller, in length and girth. I think it was because of overstretching of the tissues which have reacted with contraction.
Also, the skin felt very strange. It felt like the skin of your hands when you have been lying too long in the bathtub. This is the way I would describe it.

I think I have to clearly implement more rest.

Anyone here who would agree to this?
Interesting question: Is anybody out there who has done an intense routine before. No gains. Then switch to less intense routine. Gains.


Very interesting Mig,

I went through a phase of post PE shrinkage when I was just stretching and Jelqing. Now I do more intense jelqing and uli’s I get swelling and a thicker feeling after PE. Yes the skin also felt a little weird to but I put that down to the lotion and baby oil mix.

I’m glad I got past that stage I dont know what I did differently. But I definately feel I know what you have mentioned.

I would say if you get shrinkage, then yeah maybe stop for a bit. I often take breaks like usually about 3-5 days per month when things just don’t feel right. I think I have to be more careful than others.


I’ve noticed this especially with pumping. Over pumping = shrinkage.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I’ve been noticing that my morning wood isn’t quite what it should be lately. Nor do I wake up in the middle of my sleep with a nightstick to slide in between my wife’s ass cheeks. God, I love falling back asleep inside my honey. I have laid off on all work save hanging this week and noticed a little wood this morning. It may be job stress, but I’m thinking of strictly hanging for awhile.


Experiences so far

Hi all,

during the last two month, i foundĀ“out the following when yelquing (jelqs and horeses):
-Jelquing 60-90 min a day, some days off (after the fourth or fifth day on): Completely crap. Your dick becomes so tough, jelquing makes no fun. Dick shrinks and needs several days to come back to its original flaccid length. Erect length has become less. No joke, overtraining makes your dick smaller. Maybe your tissues are so tough that you are no longer able to expand it.

- then, reduction of time, i.e. maximal 60 min, horses and jelqing. two days on, one day off or three days on and two days off. Flaccid length: After the second day or third day on: Seems to be less. Shrivels. Still overtraining I think. What do you guys think?
Errect length: Clearly better than before but no gains so far and erection somtimes a bit weak.
Tissues: Toughness for the first jelquing day (that means after three days off): OK. That means my dick feels very soft at the begiining of my session, still after 30 min but when I come closer to the 60 min target, I can feel that my tissues have become tougher. It simply makes less fun to do strokes.
Tissues become touhger and tougher with days on.

I am really planning to reduce my routine. TO me this sounds crazy since I have convinced myself mentally to really be in a routine with perserverance and persistance. What do you guys think? What are your experiences?
I read a Thread, started by “newbie”, who suggested to reduce your work-out drastically. 10 mins he recommended. Well, on the first view, I think this is a bit too less, but with 20, 30 or 40 (max) min I would be able do convince myself again.
In his thread, “newbie” stated that before he was also in more time and intensitivity routine. So, longer and stronger. Then he has reduced both parameters and gained.
Anyone here who can say the same of himself?

What would you recommend to me for my future routine?


How long have you been PEing? If you’ve been going at it hard for a long period of time then maybe its time for an extended break. You may just need to alter your routine.


till beginning of February I was only hanging. Then I stopped this due to problems and frustration after a 8 month non-gaining period.

After a pause of 2 weeks, I resumed PEing. Jelqing and Horses were the basics of my routine. More precisely: See above.

Since then, no break that was longer than two days was implemented.

So you think it is time for a long term pause?


No gains in 8 months with a strictly routine ? or many days in between hanging sessions?


8 months hanging: It was a shitty routine. I had problems all the time with the hanger. Slipping, wrapping… Then, at least this was my impression, my ligaments/Tunica/tissue became very tough. I had to fix a lot of weight (up to 19 lbs) but the soreness was very weak.
Hang around 2 h per day. But due to the slipping and attaching problems I encountered, it was often less.
There was one thing of which I had a lot: Frustration!

Nevertheless, I plan to resume hanging. But I do not know when since I am in jelq routine now which is going to be…. hopefully good.
Should I do an alternate routine? Means, when I take off days from jelquing do some hang sessions?

There may be some truth to this. As a PE’er, I’m still fairly new. I’ve been doing this off and on over the last year and a half, never really consistently. About 2 months ago, i started a routine again, this time fairly light. stretching 5-10 min. JelQ 10-15 min max. One day on, one day off. After 2 weeks, my cock was bigger and harder than it has ever been. I was so excited that I upped my routine, unfortunately my cock does not feel as large or as hard as it did last month. I’m feeling simliar feeling like you mention above, that it is feeling slightly cold, something doesn’t feel quite right. I’m wondering if less is more? Currently I’m not going nearly as hard core as some members seemto on this message board, but that I’m thinking that doesn’t necesarily mean I’m not overtraining, after all everyone’s body is different. Still experimenting, I may take a couple days off and see if my erections become super hard again.

This is a worthy topic to share insight IMHO, hope others post what they have found concerning this.

I started PE about a year and a half ago. I stopped in July of last year and started up again this January.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think what is happening is that when we PE, obviously, our dicks become even more a focal point for us than usual, if that’s possible. We start noticing every little thing about it. Things that we may not have paid attention to much before now become magnified.

Just look around at all the erections medications on the market today: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra. Those of us who PE are not the only ones having these ‘problems’ with our penises.

During the five months I took off, there were times when my erections weren’t ‘normal’; didn’t wake up with a raging hard-on, etc., everything I would think, if I was PE’ing at the time, “It must be because of PE,” when, in reality, it’s just normal day-to-day BS, stress, whatever.

I know in my younger years, when me and the wife would have marathon sex, it would get to the point where my dick just did not want to work anymore; it just was exhausted, much like what can happen if I maybe PE too much.

Obviously, when we PE, we have to be careful of what we are doing; and not overdo it to the point of injury. If you have to, take a few days off; see what happens.

I believe that 1 to 1 1/2 hours of PE daily is far too much. Admittedly, I gained on a 1 hour program (1.5” over a few months), but my erections suffered heavily from this. It must have been PE in my case, as prior to starting PE my erections were extremely hard and rigid. Even now, after over a year-long break (save for about 10 workouts), my erections aren’t as solid as they were prior to PE. Never neglect warming up or kegels. What’s the point in getting a big dick if you can’t use it?

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Your statement that your penis becomes more a focal point during PE is absolutely true. In some way it is like todays business life: You wait for the highly announced and estimated sells numbers of a company. And the day when they are broadcast on the radio or TV, and they are less than the estimated ones the share price falls.
PE is, at least for some of us (me included), the same. But there is not anything that falls but the attitude and all your thoughts become more negative. This leads to the phenomena that we or I think for example that your dick has become smaller.

But for overdoing….
… I can say that your dick really shrinks. It is like I have described it above.

I have planned to do a 3 days on and two days off routine. (2h of jelqing and horses). Sometimes I think, that even this is too much.

What do you think about a hang and jelq routine? I do not think of a lets say 60 hang and then subsequently a 60 min jelq session.
But: Three days jelquing, two days hanging.

Question: Can anybody give me a link to a thread where the subject “overdoing” is well discussed?

Can anybody give me a link to a thread or to threads where the subject “overdoing when PE” is discussed? Please.

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