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Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles

I have a long distance (well, about 2 hours with a car) relationship with my girlfriend. We’re seeing each other every second week and on the holidays. She comes over to my town every second week, and I come over to her town every second week also. On the holidays I’m usually at her place.

It’s very hard for me to do PE when I’m at her place. You see, I have no towels over there, and they have many of them, so it would be weird if I wanted to insist on bringing my own. The towel would be for the warm-ups. A bottle of lubricant would also be hard to bring over there. The only thing I can do without the lubricant is stretches, but the warm-up is still a problem. Also my skin get’s very sore from dry jelqing (I’m circumsized).

The main question is: Do you have any suggestions on warm-up methods that are relatively discrete? If that’s the case, I can do only stretches on the weekends when I’m at my girlfriends house, and try my best to bring in some lubricant to her bathroom on the holidays.

I’m doing the newbie routine 2on/1off, so if my rest day would be on a friday, you see that this will cause some problems.


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I’m not sure how to describe them but there are heat pads that heat up chemically when you fold and agitate them (my last girlfriend had them for when it got cold (they’re very popular in Japan)). You might be able to take some in a wash-bag along with shaving kit, soap, toothpaste etc. I think the hardest part would be tracking them down (I don’t know what they’re called).

It might work out a little expensive but it might be worth considering.

Is a warm up really that necessary? (I know it sounds like a weird question, but I don’t jelq (never have)).

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Why don’t you just warm up in the shower, and then PE in the shower too? If you struggle for the grip, use the towel. Privacy, constant heat…

And yes, warm-ups are necessary Mr. Fantastic, unless one is chancing and doesn’t value their dick.

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Mr. Fantastic: I don’t know if they’re necessary, but I do them for safety reasons.

awwwshucks: We almost always shower together. I’ve tried to shower alone so I could do stretches in the shower or jelq directly afterwards, but she almost always insist that we’re going to shower together. If it’s a bad thing or not, one could consider…

You know, you can probably do a very effective job with manual stretches, manual jelqs and squeezes dry. Start slowly, and use lotions and such around shower time or sensitive skin soap. You can then grab 50-100 jelqs at random times. If you can squeeze in a few sessions in the day on the weekend, by the night time you will be pretty engorged and perhaps even “more” ready for any affections that may come your way.


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A warm up that I like is just sticking your dick in a cup of hot water, not that hard, and pretty descrete.

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