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over under or perfect workout?

over under or perfect workout?

I am still unsure what the indications are that you have really overtrained or undertrained or had a perfect workout. Some say red dots are good and some say they mean you are overraining. The “spongy” feeling is what i am curious about. Does this indicate overtraining or a perfect workout? I belive it means a perfect workout because the penis hangs heavy and thicker for longer periods of time. Also morning wood I believe means you are gaining. I would like some more input here as I am still not sure what I am doing wrong and not gaining much. Thank you.


I agree with you on that the spongey feeling is the perfect workout. I started PE a couple years ago, but seemed to only do it for a month and didn’t see any improvement so i stopped. I believe that the reason i didnt see any improvement was because i was overtraining. I was getting those red spots as you said.

For the past week and a half to two weeks, I’ve started a PE routine again. Im not overworking it this time. I just get that spongey feeling. It seems like i get a better workout when I dont get those red spots. I hang heavier and longer and seems like Im actually getting somewhere with PE.

I dont know if this helps you at all but this is just my opinion on ur topic.


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I really have found out that keeping a log is very important. I have not been gaining but I also realized I was taking extended breaks without even realizing how long I was going between workouts. Also, if you keep track of everything, you can change one thing at a time and measure 1-2 months later to see if it works. Right now I am concentrating on getting the spongy feeling as well as not missing a single workout.

Yes. Keeping a log is important. I keep a log even thought I’ve only been PEing for a couple weeks. I use the log to keep track of what exercises im currently doing in my routine.

Also i dont seem to make a set time to do a certain exercise. I dont know if this is a good idea or not but its what I’ve been doing. I just do the exercise untill I feel like I’ve worked it out enough then I go from there. Another thing Ive been doing this time that I didn’t the first time I started a pe routine is that I gradually work exercises into my routine. I first started out just stretching for a couple days. Then i added jelq’s. Thats currently where im at. I like it because it doesn’t seem to give me redspot, it just makes me hang heavier, and I feel like i had a better workout.

Also I dont know if days off make a difference. That what im concerned about. I dont take any days off. I do PE every morning. I dont do it at night or anything, just in the morning. Does anyone have any opinions on days off?


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Originally Posted by GunnaBeBig

Also I dont know if days off make a difference. That what im concerned about. I dont take any days off. I do PE every morning. I dont do it at night or anything, just in the morning. Does anyone have any opinions on days off?


I think it depends on the type of workout you do. If it’s not too intense then everyday should be fine. If you still have some tenderness the next day then it may be worth experimenting with skipping a day or so inbetween.

Spongy feeling? That’s a first. Never heard that term before :)

A mild to medium soreness inside your penis is a good indication of a good workout. It should feel like you’ve exhausted your dick. Mine was always sore a few hours after a great routine, it sometimes slightly hurt when I started massaging it to encourage bloodflow, but it was on the inside not the skin.

Try to avoid those red spots, even though they are sometimes hard to avoid.

The normal guy has numerous erections during the night so I don’t think morning wood is a sign of gains, it happens to almost every male…

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Uncut when you experienced these things you were experiencing gains correct? I don’t just want a good workout.. I want a workout that trains my penis so that it will actually grow.

Dont expect gains overnight...

Listen Huge,

It seem to me that you are looking for immediate gains. That won’t happen. PE is a training program like any other, and you need to keep at it. If you lose your patience after a month, because you’re not seeing gains, well….maybe you’re too impatient. Forget the skin factor for a moment…

There are some great posts out here, from all the veterans that have gained. Read them…it’s an encouragement.

You’ll get there, just establish a routine, and change that routine up every month or so.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

im not looking for immediate gains… i am just looking for gains period.

The spongy feeling is what to shoot for. I only feel it after 10 or more minutes. Most of my workouts are 3 to 6 minutes lately so I think what I am doing is really more a maintenance routine.

The spongy feeling 3 or 4 times a week should equal growth. IMO.

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“spongy feeling” ?

Got me on that one.

When I say the “spongry feeling” I mean my dick feels tender and sore and hanging heavy.


yes, to me also “spongy feeling” was something that I could not figure out what the guys here mean.

But you say it is like a “medium soreness inside your penis…sometimes slightly hurt when I started massaging it…”.
The german flag indicates that you are German and you understand it, yes? This “medium soreness…” or the “spongy feeling” that people say here, is it like that in German: “ein Ziehen/Kribbeln im, ich nenn ihn mal, Schniedel”??? Is it that???

If it is that then I can confirm this feeling. Problem: I do not feel this after every workout. Often, I only do feel this when I have been off for several days. So more than 2. Obviously, 50 min of jelquing - slow jelqs at 70 or 80% erection status - attack intensively your unit/tissue. Normally, I do a one day on, one day off routine. Probably too intense.
You know, yesterday I had the strong urge to jelq although I saw that my unit looked really overtrained. But I was “brave”. What will I do this evening if it still looks very overtrained? A steady struggle of two ideas in my mind.

What indicates overtraining?
o your unit looks shriveled during the next day
o it looks as it is not 100% flaccid but a bit “erect” or strained (and veiny)
o the skin of your unit feels like the skin of your hand when you have been in the bath for too long
o you try too start too jelq but and it takes a lot of good strokes until you are able to “blow up” your head for the first time
o after your workout you do not really look worked-out
o …
Would you agree guys?

What would you recommend? Is more rest really the key? If “Yes” than I will have to fight a lot with myself.


I get the spongy feeling after I am done with my post-stretch hotwrap. My dick seems to balloon out a bit and hang nice and fat after my stretch session. Then I move onto the jelq routine- and yes, I get the spongy feeling after I jelq from 10-30 minutes (or roughly 250-600 jelqs). When I wake up in the morning, a good workout usually means I get an extremely hard erection- where it feels like a real block of wood.

When I was heavy into doing Horse 440s, I would wake up with that hard erection PLUS a “pushing” slight pain in the middle of my shaft. It felt like my CC was trying to push itself out of my skin. That was a good feeling- I should start those 440s up again ;)

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