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Over Doing It !!!!!!!

Over Doing It !!!!!!!

What do you guys think. I have been peing for about 8 months, mostly hanging with some pumping.

I tend not to take any breaks as in go straight with no days off. I was hanging for about 7 months with a 1/2” length gain, then decided to take a break from hanging and just pump…My flacid hang was very nice in length and girth. I just started to hang again - fulcrum hanging to get more length gains, but still do pump. My routine is 3x20 minutes for hanging( in the AM) and either right after or just before bed pump for 2x12 minutes at 5-7 hg. My flacid hang is not the same anymore since I started hanging again - seems smaller. Should I lay off pumping all together until I get my length or should I be taking some days off. Looking for input……….

I’d like to offer useful information but I am afraid I am not knowledgeable enough to help you with this. I am sure someone will come along with some advice for you.

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I think you should get atleast one full day of rest, maybe two during the week.

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Overdoing it is only relative to you. Are you experiencing pain? Numbness? Less sexual feelings in general? Any obvious things (like red spots, dark or pale dead-looking skin, etc etc)? If yes, then you’re overdoing it. If no, then probably not.

The trick is to just keep up with how you feel, dude. There’s no better indicator than that. You’ll know when you’re overdoing it…just listen to your body, it will let you know…it’s your choice to listen to the signs. :)


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