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Outgrowing Manual Techniques?

Outgrowing Manual Techniques?


Do you guys think that once you reach a certain length from manual stretching, that you cannot reach any further goals unless you start hanging? Like once you get long enough, manual stretching won’t do it anymore, and you have to hang?

As far as jelqing goes, when I started doing it, it was with a power-jelq device. Afterwards, I tried manual jelqing and I just don’t get the same effect. That thing gives me great engorgement, but after seven months, my girth has hardly changed. Would I have been getting better results from jelqing manually? I started throwing in some manual jelqs along with my session, but it’s just not the same… I don’t get the same expansion, but when I measure my girth, it makes me think that this Power-Jelq thing is useless. What am I missing here? I’m doing squeezes for girth to kind of compensate for this.

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I don't think so...


I don’t think that is necessarily the case. You can increase the intensity of manual stretching (adding more time/stretch, more power, more advanced techs), like adding weights if you were hanging, as you get more experienced “stretcher”. You will hit the wall no matter if you go manual or hang. Creating 20lbs pulling power with your bare hands is not impossible, rather easy if you’ve mastered with manual stretching. My 2 cents…

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20 lbs of power is no problem with manual stretching…I’m sure you could get over 30 if you really got good…my guess is you just hit a dry spell and it’ll pick up after a while

Aw comon man…I KNOW you know who Double Long Daddy is! He’s only like the manual stretching size king here! Ask him if you can “outgrow” manual exercises! There’s always a way to keep gaining. Whether you have to switch routines or, as said above, up the intensity. You CAN get more than 30 pounds and up of resistance with manual stretching especially if you incorporate a grip aid such as Baby Powder. Cant you move more than 30 pounds of weight? Of course you can!

yeah, I think that, like muscles, the penis becomes “accustomed” to growth and after a few months of doing exactly the same thing, you hit a point of diminishing returns. Just switching things up in any way will help, and hanging is EXACTLY the same exercise as stretching, pulling on your flacid penis.

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you all are missing one important point here:

The infamous “Plateau”.

Almost everyone I know here on this board has gone through one, me included. Thunder can attest to that, btw. What I found out, while going through one of those “plateaus”, is that changing your workout routine can deliver dramatic results and changes.

Increase your workout and add more rest time and you’ll see your dick growing again in no time. And forgo all the “magic” devices. They are nothing more than gadgets, buddy.

Supps can help, too.

Make it huge....!

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About your girth….I would think it would be very easy to over-train with the power jelq device. And then, doing hard squeezes on top of that? that may be your problem.


I have been peing for over a year now, and have gained just over an inch in length and girth. All I did was jelqing, squeezes, and intense stretching. At the end I could not get the ligs to stress any more with the manual stretching and basically reached a plateau. I just started hanging a month ago and have already gained 3/8 inch in length and I think my base girth has increased to. I started with 15 lbs and went to 20 lbs right away, and I am stressing my ligs even more than when I first started with the manual stretching. I am also a month into a planned 2 month jelqing break which I hope will help when I resume. So for me hanging is the answer so far.


I did manual exercises only (jelqs and stretches) for a year and got good length and girth gains during that time. After 6 more months with no visible gains, I decided that I’m on that darn plateau, and decided to change my routine to get moving again in the right direction.

I’ve been hanging a month now — still haven’t worked up to 10 lbs on my homemade hanger yet, but 40 - 60 minutes a day already feels like I’m getting some growth (the kind of lig soreness I got last year when I was really growing). I’m measuring about an additional .25 inch flaccid, but of course flaccid measurements vary so widely (temperature, circulation, kind of underwear) so I’m not banking on that. And I’m not measuring my erection until I’ve been hanging for 2 months, so that should then indicate whether I’m growing again or not.

I’ve slacked off a bit on the jelqing - hanging takes away much of my former time available for that — but continue with the same stretch routine. I don’t want to lose anything I have gained, since having the bigger unit is so much more fun!

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

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