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Well, I’ve been jelqing for about 3 weeks now and the past couple of days, after of 15 mins of jelqing I get this stinging feeling all along the top side of my dick. I stop whenever this happens because it hurts, I try it again after about 2-3 mins but then when I begin jelqing again the pain comes back. So I just give up and finish with a hot wrap.

So my question is what would cause this kind of thing to happen? To much hand pressure, jelqing for to long?

- Thanks for your time

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It sounds like your technique is placing to much stress on the top of you penis and you are agravating the nerve along the top. Be careful! Try to focus more pressure along the sides and bottom with less on the top. Takes practice. Do not be in a hurry. Your skill level will improve as time goes on. It is like working out with weights. If you try to do to much too soon… not good.

Is it sort of spread out and tingly, or just stinging? You might be forcing too much blood too quickly, or maybe you’re just squeezing too hard. NotEnough spoke wisely when he said to put most of the pressure along the sides rather than the top and bottom. This is probably the number one cause of sensitivity loss for jelqers, IMO.


Make sure that you’re not too erect when doing the jelqing. I got a shooting pain when I jelqed over 80% erect. Please, if the sting continues stop for a couple of weeks. I have been injured by not listening to my body when I was stretching too hardand and now I am unable to even masturbate without a sharp sting in my ligaments. Damm! I wish I had been more carful when my body sayed enough was enough but I didn’t and look what happened to me. You’l be alright! Just learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to make your own.

Best of luck!

Could also be skin irritation, if you put too much pressure on the top and dont put enough lube there, or maybe the lube you are using is not suitable.


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