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Groa believe me I feel harassed about all this as I do not like be misguided. I am sorry if I seem as the intellectual sparring you say ( and to your agreement I believe that many times I also find myself look like as such) but I hope that it is a matter with difensive priority other than offensive over people, principally and moreover if I use a provoking attitude.

I am also sorry that we have to put this thread and this forum on this discussion.

large —

BA is a proven, reputable source for PE and has been for years; and he doesn’t need me watching his back either. Furthermore I guarantee he has no ax to grind. The thing is we have seen a few guys that like to post trash (IMO) with stir things up in the past and in all instances it didn’t end well.

He and the founders of this forum have one mission and one mission only; to provide a place where people interested in penis enlargement can come to share ideas and learn.This has been shown by his ,Thunders and other commitment over many years to this community.

It continuously amazes me that with the thousands of people particapating in this forum that their is NO back biting or rudeness, or other friction amoung members.

So to me, when a person( You) comes around with a propensity to be counterproductive to the goal of the forum and continously goes against the grain it stands out like a sore thumb.

I’m not the adminstrator here nor a morderator just a member that enjoys this forum and doesn’t appreciate people fucking with it.

Personally I’m suprised that Thunder has put up with your shit for this long.

And if I’ve got your personality right you’ll go into your kiss ass mode for a little while, then start up with your bull shit once things settle down.

Why don’t you shut your pie hole, grow your dick an inch or so and share with us how you did it.

Yeah and I also realize this is the kinda posts you get off on but that’s cool because I like writing them, and it’s long over due.

I would like to say somethings on your post:

First who are you to guarantee about this?Sorry but this you say the way you say it doesn’t mean a lot, so if you wanna guarantee on something make it the right way.

If you could please explain me what IMO means (I am not very good at english and also on internet terminology)

Second you are talking about one “mission” and I wish I could adress it like you but when profit and earning come in the way it ruins the holy image of seeing it like this at least for me.

Third I do not want to be counterproductive on PE (on the contrary I am for it) but I would like to help myself and other people like me to think on all the matters we can encounter.

And last I would like to repeat that I am also sorry about all this fuss and to my defense to reinvite you see how this thread was going on from the beginning and why initially it got messed up.

Originally posted by largosomalia
So you mean that I happen to be a guy that created to you problems in the past and that is because I posted a frase that is equal to a frase that this guy posted in another forum.
Well, I tell you as I already did that you are wrong on this and I have nothing to do with this guy and also that I have never posted on the forum you are talking about.

Then you say that you are a moderator here and you have discussed my antics with the forum owner.
Why did you say that?Do you consider that as an authority here you have the priviledge to treat other people over their right they can do with you?Well IF this is a democratic forum I also say to you that you go also wrong on this and stop your antics about this matter.

Please read and re-read my posts. I said that your STYLE is remeniscent of the trolls that we’ve had in our forums. If I was convinced that you were definitely a troll, I would have banned you already! How have I “mistreated” you?

If I were you, I would take some advice from guys like “ledzep”. Calm down a bit, and quit being so damned defensive!

I can understand the troll problem but fortunately I am not one as I said(I haven’t even (& ever) checked Cuts posting you said). The fact that you insisted and the catty remarks can put me in a defensive position, don’t you think?

Well I also think that things should better be more calmed down and indeed all this does not belong to this thread.

Understood :)

Would it be too much to ask you to ONLY post information concerning PE? In other words, ask yourself the following questions before you decide to post;
1. is this information (even remotely) related to PE
2. have I received length or girth gains from this activity
3. do I have valuable insights to contribute from first-hand experience of the topic
4. if I post a dissenting opinion, can I present that opinion openly and be able to take criticism of it without fighting with everyone who disagrees with me
5. can I share in conversations of topics and accept the fact that what may work for me may not work for somebody else and vise versa
6. have I done due diligence in research on information before presenting that information as fact (can I submit corroboration in the form of links)

If you have trouble with one or more of these prerequisites, then consider the fact that you have failed this litmus test and should refrain from posting.

We welcome all individuals who care to contribute to the knowledge, respect, and continued development of the members of this board. However, if this is too much of a burden for you to comply with, please consider pursuing your dream of opening up your own communist version of an Über-board and please leave the members of this site in peace.


well said sexpilot.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Wish he could have read what you said. But maybe, too, it would not have made a difference to him. But thanks for saying it for other readers/members here. Maybe file that one? You never know who’s coming down the pike.






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