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OTC and stinging erection


OTC and stinging erection


As this is my first post I first want to thank you all for this amazing forum. I’ve been reading here for some months, and have learned soo much from all your posts, and see that this is a great sharing community. I started my PE workout a few months back, but have not been all consistent due to lack of time and opportunity. But the last weeks I’ve started to prioritize better.

These last days I’ve noticed something I believe is a positive PI, but would appreciate some experienced opinion, and how to deal with it.

In the morning I do my workout, about 1 hour. Later in the day, when I get a wood, it feels extremely hard, and gives a slight pain, as if it’s in the middle of tissue-repair, and that the erection is close to tearing it up again. If I do a strong kegel I push blood into the unit, and it feels like I burst up this healing tissue. After a couple of those strong kegels, the pain disappear, and it’s not that rigid anymore. I’m quite sure that the somewhat damaged feeling is a good thing, a positive PI, but I’m unsure if it’s good or bad to do this strong kegel that is kind of bursting it up again. Has anyone experienced this condition and made some thoughts around it?

For info, my routine is currently as follows:

5min warmup
15min manual stretch
3min warmup
15-20min dry jelq
15-20min soft-band clamping
5min warm-down
(For warming I stick it in a big glass of hot water, changing water every 30sec to keep heat)

I would also like to ask your opinion on my routine, particularly that I go from jelq to clamp without warming session. It feels ok to me though.


If in general your EQ (Erectile Quality ) is improving and you are getting harder, easier, more frequent erections, as well as improving nite and morning wood…then you are moving in the right direction and I wouldn’t worry about it.

If however, you find you are getting a decrease in EQ, then I would cut back on your PE a bit.

I think a dull ache in the penis after PE, along with increased EQ many times is a good indicator. However, if its a sharp pain, I don’t think that is good, and you should back off on the force a bit. I don’t think sharp pain is ever good.

If you don’t know much about EQ, click the link in my signature and the thread will give you more in depth information.

Yes, it feels like I’m heading the right direction, up to now I definitely have better EQ and temporarily increased girth. I’m very aware and focused on the internal feeling in my dick when I PE, and the post-workout condition. I used the word pain, and that may be a bit strong word, it feels like a sore healing strain, and only slightly touch a pain-barrier when I kegel up to maximum erection. A dull ache I get quickly or right after workout, however this other condition only comes after some hours of healing, maybe 5-6 hours or more. It appears when I get fully erect again at this time, and it feels like I’m bursting it a bit when I kegel in more blood. Like trying to stretch a stiff muscle, only difference is that I can surpass the “pain” and the threshold then is gone.

It’s not a worrying feeling, not in terms of injury, but it’s still very distinct. The sensation is very uniform and is felt all along the internal dick. But it questions me if it’s beneficial or not to actually challenge this healing-strain or not by doing these kegels that actually releases the “pain” again. It kind of feels right to stretch out this tissue that tries to grow back together, if that’s really what happens. But I’m not 100% sure that is what’s happening.

As said, this just started a few days back. It’s a result of me adding time and force to my routine these days. I will watch it more and see how it progress. And unless this is something common to experienced PE’ers, then maybe I would better back off a bit.

No one can answer this for you…you have to wait and see what happens to EQ and size.

If EQ continues to be excellent or the same, then its probably fine. If you start getting gains in size…then it will be a personal PI for you to indicate when you are in the growth zone…so that would be EXCELLENT.

Some guys feel a slight achyness, some feel itchiness, some feel slight soreness, some don’t feel any discomfort. It varies quite a bit, so you have to find out what it means for you.

I would suggest you do the kegels to the point right before you feel any pain - avoid pain, maximize that “strain” feeling.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Yep, mainly asking to better understand what is actually happening, in terms of cell/tissue growth, healing etc.. I guess that’s much debated too, but what I experience is still a valid observation linked to that I think.

Actually, I just connected my two brain-half’s together, and understood pretty sure where this thing is coming from.. The last days I replaced the last 5min of jelq time with 5min rolling. I lay the unit over the edge of the bathroom sink, press with good force on top with a curved thumb, and lay the second hand on top of that again to get stable pressure. Then I move just like doggy action, slowly, releasing pressure on the way forward, squeezing when pulling back.

It feels like this exercise produce much more tissue-burst than normal jelq, and the reason why I added it to my routine. I’m now sure this is exactly what gives me the bursting erections later in the day.. ;) Still, of course, I might be overdoing this thing.. So will see how it feels as I go on.


Yes, I agree, I should avoid the pain. That gives me two options.

1. Workout as before, but don’t do the kegels, or not do them that strong
2. Reduce workout pressure

Must think about this one.

I like the rolling exercise (it’s been discussed here before, as - I think - OTC exercise <OTC is “Over-the-Counter”>) as it definitely does create quite a lot of pressure. I have a unifying theory of PE (:D ) that I’m working on, and there is definitely a place for this exercise - the benefits of it are that it will expand the width, as the compression forces the blood to go sideways, which in turn will expand the blood vessels; the downside of this exercise is that it can definitely cause some bursting vessels, which is, I feel, something that should be avoided.

The trick is to stretch and/or add new vessels, not burst the existing ones.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by gorgeous8
Yep, mainly asking to better understand what is actually happening, in terms of cell/tissue growth, healing etc.. I guess that’s much debated too, but what I experience is still a valid observation linked to that I think.

The only way to know this is a study where they take tissue samples and actually see what is going on. Its a reasonable theory, but we really don’t know for sure.

What we DO know is that we CAN enlarge our dicks, the actually mechanism is still subject to our speculation.

Yes, I understand it’s speculation, still speculation should continue, and develop. So I will take what hands-on experience I can get, and see where it leads. At least, if I can understand cause and effect, I really don’t need to know what is happening in between, on a molecular level, even though it would be interesting.

Today I had my morning workout, and it started normally, felt as usual, stretching, jelq.. Then when it came to the rolling, I used less pressure, but also noticed that I didn’t get the same fill and pressure as normal. Also the clamping was not the same, so I stopped the session early. It is now clear that the kegel I did was a stupid thing. It felt a bit too sharp, but then again I found it strange that I could harm my unit just by kegeling in blood. But that is exactly the limit that I believe I was on. The exercise was done well, maybe with too much pressure, but that did not cause the negative effect. That was due to my kegel. I’m quite sure. If I had resisted then the normal erection should have kept me in positive shape.

I had nice morning wood today. And probably I would have been better off without todays workout, but didn’t know this as I first noticed the negative PI after. Now my erection comes up well, but falls down quite easy, at least earlier today. I guess the right thing to do now is to keep off and heal. How long, I don’t know. Will let my EQ decide, and when I start up I will avoid the rolling exercise in the start.

So lesson learned: Roll, but go gradually, both on pressure and time.. And focus on post-workout condition. Maybe a multiple-day break is needed after a solid roller session.

I’m very confident that the rolling, or OTC, is a very good exercise. But it’s powerful, and can easily be overdone.

You seem to be well aware of how much is too much gorgeous (seems weird saying that to a guy,) so I would stress not worrying about it as long as their is no sharp or intense pains.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Call me g8 if that feels better :)

I’ll just post the progress here, for everyones benefit. Until I’m back in normal condition, just to make the incident report complete.



It’s not really a progress report. But specific observations to the OTC exercise. Planned to keep it strictly to that, until I’m back in shape, then case closed.

But I would agree to change title to, “OTC and Bursting Erection”.


The “bursting” is the part that needs changed. Did your dick explode? Are you looking to find how much pressure it takes to make your dick explode?

Also, I’m not to happy with leaving this “rolling” exercise in the Newbie Forum. Sounds like an attempt at an advanced exercise to me.

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