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OTC and stinging erection


Yes, you’re right, it’s not really a newbie exercise. But this was where I could post.. Maybe move it to main member forum? I meant bursting as in very full, or burstfull, that is the feeling anyway. English is not my native language, so maybe there is a better word.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be difficult. But actually my internal tissue was literally bursting, or the blood veins, or something was bursting.. When I did this kegel.. Something bursted, and then the pain was gone.. So it actually describes the feeling very well.

Pardon if my English is bad. But I thought bursting also meant that you are on the breach of something to burst. Like extremely full, on the edge to burst. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, I can’t find any better word to describe it. Try it and see how you feel . Hehe..

Of course everyone knows that my dick didnt explode.. That would be stupid.

Maybe should delete all these posts about the title.. It just trashes this thread up.

What about this one:

OTC and stinging erection, but actually it defies the purpose as a warning not to exercise it. But I’m not gonna be too difficult.

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You are doing just fine man…your English is very good and understandable.

It sounds like maybe you were getting some small adhesions that were causing discomfort, and when you stretched them further, it either busted them up or stretched them out…and pain gone.

Please continue with reporting your routine, results and is a good thread. We just don’t like to see “penis” and “explode” in the same sentence! :)

Well, I just want to drop a line on current condition. After I noticed falling erections, they have just not got any better. Have few erections now, and not strong. Still, this is very much a mental state, cause now I’m damn scared that I caused permanent weakening.. So I know that accounts for the majority of this effect. The mind is extremely controlling over the ability to get horny. Need to test this out in the right environment in order to know what’s happening. ;)

For sure sparkyx.. I’m taking at least a week off. By “testing” I meant just to have sex, to see how the EQ is. Cause then the mind will not hold back on EQ. I guess it didn’t sound like that the way I wrote it. And yes, if you’re scared you hurt your dick, it is for sure harder to get erect.


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