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Orange Bends Progress

Orange Bends Progress

I was just wondering how everyone is getting on with Mr Orange’s exercise (Bending at low erection levels)?

I’ve been doing these for the last week and am starting to feel a small improvement in girth, which is a first for me. I’ve been working on my technique and have got a feel for the correct level that I think I personally should be working with.

What sort of gains has everyone else been making?

Also, are there any PE’ers out there who are gaining girth for the first time like myself, thanks to this exercise? 5-6 months of jelqing got me absolutely no results in the girth department at all.


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

I can’t do them correctly, because when I’m completely flaccid, I can’t kegel blood into the penis. I just pump with the PC muscle, but nothing happens. The more erect I am, the easier it is to kegel blood into my penis.

So I have to do it a different way, by getting a low erection level and kegel in blood, and the wait for the erection to go down with blood trapped in the penis, and then do the bend. So it’s just like a normal plumped bend, except there’s a little less blood trapped in the penis. But I don’t know what difference it would make to trap the blood there that way.

I haven’t got any gains from this yet, but I’ve only tried this exercise a couple of times, and didn’t expect anything this soon anyway. I will continue doing these and hope for gains!

Did anyone also get length gains from Orange-Bends ?

I’m getting gains! Not measurable yet but feels thicker and more flacid girth.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Bombazine, how many sessions over what length of time did it take you to start noticing gains?


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"


I have been trying this excersize for like 2 weeks now, I am finally doing it correct, I get allot expansion when I am doing it. I did it for 3 session correct now in my opion and I have measured a increase of 0.1 girth. I went from 5.4 to 5.5 inch in girth. Not big gains, but if you consider the few time i have spend it is a big increase I think. I hope it keeps coming.

My routine:

1. hot wrap 5 min
2. some light stretching 5 min
3. Dry jelqing and Kegels 10-20 min
4. Orange bends 15 min

I do the dry jelqing till I get almost 100% erection, then I do some kegels till it gets 50% erect. I repeat this 4-5 times. After this I got a good worked up plump penis, now it can expand more for better gains.

I do the orange bends to all 4 sides, first I do down, I hold for 20 seconds, then i put my hand higher for two times more to work the whole shaft. After that I do up, left, right, etc.

I hope you can use this.


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