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Optimizing PE considering tunica structure

Yeah, likewise- I had never tried pushing the skin up the shaft, giving the twisted skin area some slack- great idea…

The idea of the criss crossing pattern of the tunica makes some sense to me. I can stretch my dick longer when flaccid, and my girth is actually larger when I’m not fully erect, say at about 50 to 75 percent erect. Just like a Chinese finger trap. Do most of you have the same phenomena?


For me, it’s the opposite way - when I’m really fully erect, my length is smaller, not girth. :) Though that is really really erect, rare case, and normal high erection + kegel doesn’t work that way - it increases length a bit. But kegeling at that extra erection definitely makes dick shorter.

I think that this phenomenon can be used to sort girth and length gainers!
In my case, my internal tunica (girth holder) is rather weak, and under high erection, it expands so that external tunica is stressed sideways, which, by diagonal theory, shortens it.

In opposite case, external tunica, being weak, gets really stretched, presses on internal and successfully compresses it. Or compresses the space between them, at least.

When I have a really good erection, it is actually a little shorter then when Im at like an 80 percent erection. Wierd, but my stretched flacid length is about a half inch longer than my erect length.

That is normal and usual - inner tunica expands while erect, and there’s less room for outer tunica to stretch, so to say. Some people do have larger erect length, but that’s due to long glans.

I think I’ve settled with a set of preparative exercises:
Simple twists, to left and to right, one minute each, one time.
Stretched bends - 90 at base, 180 just below and above midshaft - to left, right, up, and down - 30 second each. Total of 12 bent stretches.
Isolated twists - base, midshaft, vertical and horizontal grip, left and right - total 8 twists, of 30 seconds.

All these done fully flaccid. My guess is that way they’re more length-focused, you can also go them plumped flaccid - then they would be more girth-focused. Plus, for girth, O-bends should be added.

This thread is pure Gold.

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