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Opinions Wanted On My Manual Routine!

Opinions Wanted On My Manual Routine!

My Length routine, I believe, needs a little work, but my girth routine feels extremely intense. The length consists of A-Stretches and V-Stretches. I want your opinions on what you would do. Pretty sure I’m forgetting some of the stuff I do, but I’ll post this anyways. I’m offa work tomorrow so I’ll fix it then, if it needs to be fixed.

Length Routine
V-Stretches (30 secs each) x6
Squatting Stretches (30 secs) x3
BTC Standing Pull (30 secs) x6
V-Stretch Blasters (5 sec kegel, reverse kegel) x20
Stand-Up V-Stretches w/fulcrum (25 secs) x3
A-Stretches w/fulcrum (30 secs each) x6
A-Stretches w/back of chair as fulcrum (30 secs) x3
Stand-Up A-Stretches w/fulcrum (30 secs) x3

Girth Routine
Dry Jelqs (200 slow)
Wet Jelqs (200 fast) x2
-DLD Bends (60 secs) x2
Dry Jelqs (100 slow)
Wet Jelqs (100 fast) x2
-DLD Bends (60 secs) x1
Isolated Compression Squeezes
-Up and Down Shaft
DLD Bends (60 secs) x3
ULI Effect w/ The Cable Clamp (20 minutes)


'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'

just my opinion:

honestly? I think you´re trying to do too much and your workout is too complicated. I dont know about everyone else but Ive seen good results by keeping my length routine simple (in terms of different kinds of stretches) and intense. My length routine consists of regular stretches with v-stretches mixed in along with BTC stretches. I do this for a good half hour at least. Ive seen good results by doing this. I feel the effects of the BTC stretch better when I do it for 15 minutes total than I do when I only do it for 5 minutes. On top of this, fewer amount of BTC stretches for longer intervals has worked wel, for me at least.

20 minutes cable clamp session?

If it works, it’s good.

One foot to go

Yeah I know but are you leaving it on for 20 minutes because that’s seems a bit too long.

Yeah, it stays on for 20 minutes. Sometimes I take a break at 10. It isn’t a complete cutoff of all inflow and outflow, because some can get in and some can get out. I believe it’s fine. :)


'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'

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