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Opinions a must

Opinions a must

I first found out about PE in the early 90’s. Since then, I’ve been jelging on and off with little success (mostly because before finding this site I didn’t know I was doing it wrong). A few years ago I found out about pumping. I experimented with it for a while, but didn’t get serious until February of this year. That’s when I bought my first serious pumping system (before that I just used the novelty crap you find in adult stores). I have gained some with a combo of pumping and jelqing (1/4 inch). But even still I’m starting to get burned out.

This is where I need your opinions. My decline in interest. Since finding Thunder’s I’ve started a routine of stretching and jelqing to compliment my pumping, but I’m starting to get that “Why the hell am I doing this” syndrome. From life experience, I know this can be the death nell of any activity.

So what should I do? Just muddle thru doing half-ass exercises in the hopes of gaining a renewed interest along the way? Or should I take a short break to clear my head, and think about other things until I get that jones for yankin’ the crank again?

I’m glad this community is here so these questions can be asked. I really do enjoy the whole PE thing. But when it becomes a chore to get my pump, or even think about how much of a hassle it will be to clean up the mess lube can make I know there’s a problem.


my personal opinion is that you should do only 1-2 exercises at time, keeping PE simple.In example, try only jelq, or jelq + stretch, for 3-4 months.After that, take 2-4 weeks off, then start using other techinqes, in example hanging, or clamping etc..

And the foremost: read what is posted on this site.Gains of other guys can be the best stimulus for your interest.

Hope this help.

When you feel like it’s getting to be to much just try to limit your workout so you don’t feel like it’s taking over your life and becoming worse than a needy girlfriend. Right now I’m going through one of the low interest points in my PE career and I have limited myself to working out only every other day for no more than 45 minutes.

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You should try a decon break to clear your head like you said, I think if you stay to much time without PE you will natural feel the will to PE again, just my opinion. Anyway you use difficult language, what is “get that jones for yankin’ the crank again?”

Sorry Phyriel, I forgot where I was and started using slang. I’m surprised a moderator didn’t give me a warning about that. “Get that jones” means having a strong desire. “Yankin’ the crank” means pulling your dick. But thanks for your advice. Thank everyone who replied.

Even though I don’t want to lose the 1/4 inch I’ve gained since February. I think I’ll just limit myself to some light jelqing, say 300 2 days on 1 day off, for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully that will be enough to keep my gains. In the mean time, I’ll take marinera’s advice and keep reading post to help spark my interest again.If this doesn’t work I think I will take a decon break for a couple of weeks.

In your case, why deal with it? Most women could care less about your size as long as you have about 5 inches. Do not sweat it.

PE is supposed to be fun. Think of some ways you, personally, can make it fun either in feeling or some other stimulation. If an exercise hurts, or leaves you blah, find another.

Imagery is important. Project in your head that you ARE gradually getting larger and what “larger” will mean to you. Our brains and our cocks are intimately connected in spite of the several feet between them.



Try ballooning or edging. Do PE 3-4 days per week but do something different each time to spice things up.

Balloon on Monday
Pump on Wednesday
Jelq on Friday
Hang or do fowfers on Sunday.

Your dick won’t know what the hell is going on and perhaps grow in response. If your bored your dick is bored.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Naab. I think you are expecting too much. You say that you have found Thunders, but only joined some six weeks ago. And also mention you have started doing things correctly.

However, Gains don’t come overnight. and it will certainly take a bit longer than six weeks before you will notice useful gains. So you really need to have patience and persevere with the exercises.

Some exercises suit people in different ways, so you may have to experiment with your routine if nothing appears to be happening after a period. So it’s essential you don’t lose interst until you given it a few months .

Good luck!

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Hi Naab - It sounds like the ‘effort’ of PE is getting you down too. Why not take a good look through TP and put together a program that involves manual exercises and creates the least amount of ‘mess’. Leave the pump in the draw for a for weeks.

This way, when it’s time to PE you won’t have that immediate obstacle of thinking about the time/mess involved.

The easier you make something the more likely you are to do it - and continue with it.

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Hey Phyriel, I’ve been working on a second language for awhile now, so I thought you would appreciate an explanation of my slang. Glad you liked it. As for everyone else, you have given me a reason to keep going. This is the reason I said I’m glad this community is around. You can talk with people who have probably been where you are at.

Even though I was excited about the 1/4 inch gain, I was still getting bored. I think visualization might be the key. I’ve already put the porn away, as it can be quite mind numbing at times. So using my imagination might keep things more interesting.

My last workout was Saturday, and even though I was suppose to workout Sunday, I didn’t. So I’ve given myself permission to take this week off and not even think about PE. I’ll start fresh Saturday afternoon, hopefully with new vigor, only using stretches and jelqs (which will be hard cause I love my pump).

Thanks again fellas,


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