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Opinion on medical theory regarding PE.

Opinion on medical theory regarding PE.

Well, Readers Digest had an ad for Viagra. In the “fine” print is said that in certain RARE cases a person could experience an erection for an extended period of time, 4 or more hours. It went on to say that erections that last this long or longer COULD cause PERMENANT damage to the penis. NO other details given.

Question: Why would an erection, long duration, cause damage?

I would think that any of the conditions experienced doing PE would qualify for the PERMANENT damage this warning referred to. Maybe the permanent damage is a bigger dick :)

Anyway, every so often someone will post an injury from PE. The advice the board gives is NO more PE and see a doctor. Now, lets think about this. The ONLY time a doctor hears about PE is when someone comes to his office with a PE injury. What would YOU think if that was your only experience… IE: PE causes injury. Of course the Doc doesn’t know about the other 99% without injury and with BIGGER dicks. IF he did he would probably take up PE himself :D

What could happen is that there my be insufficient bloodflow to portions of the drug-enhanced super erect penis. This could cause some of the nerves and such to die…not kosher. Generally, when doing PE, we are forcing blood in but also maintaining a blood flow to enable fresh blood to coem and heal and replace the old blood.


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Well you made a few generalities here. First of all, it is not true that this board always says take time off and see a doctor. That is in the cases when it sounds strange or unusual. In the cases when we are not really sure what is going on and we are not there personally. It never hurts to see a doctor. However, many times just time off with ice or arnica and msm will do the trick and we make those suggestions.

Secondly, it is naive to think that the “only time” as you put it, doctors hear of PE is when an injury comes in. There are a lot of doctors with a wide range of experiences with patients. Some patients ask questions out of curiosity and explain techniques, and also with PE being as much on the Internet I can’t believe they don’t know about it. Now success stories are different. I would imagine they rarely if ever meet a person that has had great success with it. This is because of the discipline and time required for most people to gain. This probably makes the person and the doctor skeptical. Then you get into paradigms of the medical community. How have they been trained and also their motivations. Why would they want to figure out successful ways to put themselves out of business? This would make them even on an unconscious level accentuate the negative and downplay the positive effects of PE so they can promote surgery.

As for the question you ask, UberGoober gives an explanation. We do however with some PE (wrapping and hanging) cut off circulation for some periods of time but limit it to about 20-30 minutes. There is no form of PE that would maintain a 4 hour erection. At least no sensible one. We all know that we must stop and restore circulation between hanging or wraps or whatever. Think about the old tribal dudes with huge penis’ from hanging but they don’t work. This is because they just hung all day without restoring circulation.


Any erection lasting longer than three or four hours is considered to be “priapism,” a potentially dangerous condition which can result in tissue damage because no new, oygenated blood is being supplied over that very long time. Priapism occurs most frequently as a result of over-dosing on injectible erection medications and from certain medical conditions, sickle cell anemia among them. There are very few cases of priapism listed in medical literature which result from Viagra use, but noteable among them an E. Coast medical student who stupidly took a couple hundred mg of V looking for a good time and ended up having to have his dick surgically drained. Taken as directed and with medical approval, Viagra has been shown to be a safe drug.

As Dance wisely points out, wrapping (and tight cock rings) shouldn’t be worn for more than a half hour with an erection because oxygen starvation can occur. But that is a different situation from classic priapism which is an erection which just will not go down. Anything longer than three hours is cause for concern. After four hours, don’t even pause. Go to an emergency room. Fortunately, most of us are not going to have this problem.

I agree that most doctors now have some knowledge that PE exists. Not many of them think it works and you won’t hear a lot of them recommending it for that reason, and because of the obvious potential for damage to those who aren’t sensible in the ways they do PE.



Dance, I didn’t mean to imply that the board was hyper reactive in telling people to see a doctor. In fact injury is relatively uncommon in PE. I agree that some doctors are aware of PE but I would argue that, for many reasons including the ones you referenced, the vast majority of general practictioners and a large percentage of urologists either do not know about PE or do not believe it works. My comment centered around the fact that the majority of experience doctors will have with PE will be the ocassional person that encounters a real injury and goes in seeking relief. Those relatively few injuries make up the MAJORITY of the encounters doctors have with PE.

To compare to another field, say high performance engines, one of the “things” used is nitrous oxide. If misused it will destroy an engine. The vast majority of users do not destroy their engines. The only nitrous cars dealers get in for service were damaged. They would probably assume that nitrous destroys the majority of engines it is used on… fair analogy?

As far as the Viagra warning label, we can ASSUME many things about why the long term erection would be considered very dangerous. Is it the depletion of oxygen in the blood? Is it pressure on nerves? Is it stress on the veinous valves? Combination? Other? Obviously the warning label does not go into these details. My point is this type of concern would lead to an even more reluctant medical community regarding PE… even for those that are actually aware of the facts.

Again, I am not writing this in a harse tone so please take it as constructive conversation. I can just see doctors scaring people away from PE based on their narrow experiences.


As it was mentioned above (and corrected by Dance) that if Doc’s only see guys with injuries they assume PE is bad.

When I had to have my eyes checked as a teenager for entrance to the Air Force, the specialist said he had never seen better eyes - my eyes were the best he had ever seen in all his years of practice. I was on cloud nine and when I got home I immediately told my Mum.

Her answer? Only people with eyesight problems went to the specialist, so of course my (normal) eyes were better than his other patients’. Back to earth I came.


priapism explained


Priapism is a prolonged and painful erection that can last from several hours up to a few days. The priapismic erection is NOT associated with sexual thoughts or sexual activity. What happens is that blood flows into the penis, but is unable to drain as it would in a normally flaccid penis. Considering that the penis provides little room for blood to circulate, the blood becomes stagnant after a while, acidifies, and loses oxygen. Without oxygen, the red blood cells become stiff, and even less able to squeeze their way out of the penis.

Very few cases of priapism are without an obvious cause. In most cases, priapism results from one of two things: certain medications or medical conditions. Under the category of medications, there are two primary culprits. For one, penile injections used to treat some forms of impotence can cause priapism; however, this usually only happens when a man decides, on his own, to increase the dosage. Second, psychiatric medications, such as anti-depressants, seem to cause some cases of priapism; however, how these drugs affect priapism is unclear. The second major cause of priapism is certain medical conditions and diseases — generally, any that cause the blood to thicken, or cause red blood cells to lose their flexibility and mobility. Sickle-cell anemia and leukemia are probably the most common conditions that cause priapism.

Most men will seek treatment for this painful erection before it goes on for too long, usually within four to six hours. This is good since priapism can scar the penis if not treated early enough, and this can lead to impotence. In most cases, treatment involves draining the penis with a needle placed in the side of the penis. Medications that act on the blood vessels can also be injected to help shrink blood vessels and, thus, decrease blood flow into the penis. Sickle-cell anemia patients with priapism are usually treated by blood transfusion.


re priapism

It is interesting that a case report in a well known medical journal reported that a patient with sickle cell anemia had prolonged priapism, probably common in men with that disease. In this case it produced megalophalus or enlarged penis without causing any secondary complications ie sexual dysfuntion. Another report noted that when men with repeated priapism were treated repeatedly with injection they did develope permanent problems, possibly from build up of scar tissue. I think we should look more closely when considering where the dangers come from.


On topic

Can someone explain this case to me? Is it just a severe case of blue balls (as I expect)?

Travelling with a rugby team we were in Sydey a few days, the hotel being in King’s cross (red light district). One night we went to a show and of course I got a woody. The problem was it didn’t subside, and I was in a lot of discomfort. Hours later, when we were in the mini bus touring the bars/clubs I even had to stay in the minibus (hiding the bulge) because I was in a hell of a lot of agony and could not walk. I told the coach I had stomach cramps from the food and after some 4 hours the pain stated to go away.

I also remember needing to go for a piss, but that it was impossible. A simple case of blue balls?



Sounds like you had a priapism. lucky that it relsoled spontaneously. you must be some tough mo fo not to have ended up in the ER over this!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I was 17 and although it was uncomfortable, certainly not as serious as what is described above. And I do not recall any discomfort the following morning.


Priapism can result in blood coagulating in the penis… requiring drainage via needles accompanied by ice-cold enemas :(

Ice cold enemas?!!! Oh shit!

he he he

No Viagra overdoses for me!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Re: Opinion on medical theory regarding PE.

Originally posted by NotEnough
The ONLY time a doctor hears about PE is when someone comes to his office with a PE injury.

This isn’t true for all doctors. I saw my urologist this week for a routine exam, bared all about PE, and asked if our thinking was correct about microtears from hanging and healing bigger. He said he hadn’t seen tests or anything else that said it wasn’t. I asked about weight, thinking about 40% and deformation, and he simply said “just use common sense”. Then he was out of there. So some do know there’s more to it than injuries.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

I think most urologists are aware of the potential of at least hanging since this is commonly recommended post lengthening surgery. I don’t think they care about it much one way or the other.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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