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online growth log

online growth log

OK, I just had this idea and I’m not sure if it has been suggested here before. Why not have an online growth log where members can post there monthly measurements. Have a set format with fields that a person would just fill in for each month. That way people can view others’ progress and we can get some more data about certain techniques or routines. It would also make it easier for everyone to keep track of their own progress. And if a member posts a question it will be easy for another member to quickly find out about the poster’s past PE history as well as routine.

It’s funny you ask that because I’m developing an online utility to track your progress with interactive logs, charts, comparison, and competitions!

Start: EL 6.0 EG 4.5 - Current: EL 7.0 EG 5.0 - Chunked Down Goal: EL 7.5 EG 5.5 - Ultimate Goal: ************

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Ah, i guess someone beat me to it. I’m glad its here. I will be imputing my info soon.

Is there a way to do queries on the statistic site? Such as most marked gains, most recorded records, largest to smallest starting stats or visa versa?

New start stats 3/28/2006

BPF 3 3/4, FG 4 1/2, NBPEL 5, BPEL 6, EG 4 7/8.

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