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One of the most amazing things ive seen

One of the most amazing things ive seen

Ok about 2 years ago before i knew anything about pe i had a friend who used the almighty power of the kegel to go from completly flacid to fully erect in under 1 minute!I seen this with my own eyes and always wondered if this is something too expect in the future or a stupid human trick. (this might fit in the bs forum but ill find out lol)

im confused

i wouldnt think it any great feet to go from flaccid to errect in a minute. if a chick pulled down your trousers, and started sucking your dick, i think youd get hard pretty sharpish???

unless you mean, he kegeled and got hard, ie he could kegel hard enough to force a dick-full of blood into his cock???

please explain,


Shooting for 9"

also please explain under what circumstances you witnessed such a thing!?!?!


Maybe let go of that question. If he wanted to tell us, he would have.



ehehehe some funny replies here..

Well gimme some of the good ole porn to watch and I have a hard on in up to 30 seconds :D

12 seconds

I timed it.

My wife can get me hard in 12 seconds without even touching me.


Ok guys.Yes he kegeled his way to it.and the circumstances were that he said he could and several people wanted to see it.

I must also point out that this was from “brrrr its cold out size”
to rock hard. sure i can do it while having sex or watching porn….who cant lol.

Yes it is possible. I practice that all the time. Yes sometimes it is easier than others, and making it ROCK hard while standing is not easy in the absence of any other visual stimulation. The guy may have been aided in the fact that people were watching him and he is a closet exhibitionist.

When the teacher leaves the room as I am modeling, I can do it. What is more difficult is to get to a percentage of erection when everyone is drawing me and then stop it so it is not fully erect but hangs just right. Try to maintain that while a babe is looking at it haha. I can also make it grow when the teacher is going around the circle of students and then relax it before he or she comes around to the front again. Now that deserves a metal for control. But then again I have logged in over a thousand hours on the stand nude modeling which gave me tons of practice. There were times it didn’t work, and other times it went out of control but eventually I pretty much mastered it.


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I hate to take over this thread but I haven’t seen you post in awhile…..welcome back

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Well thanks,

I have not gone anywhere just did not post. Been working hard and there was nothing new but I do check in every day.


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