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One hand jelqing better for length?

One hand jelqing better for length?

I am starting to think that jelqing with one hand is better for length because the penis stays a bit less engorged for me than the two handed version with the tourniquet hand at the base.

I know that lots of guys use one hand to jelq and the other to push blood into the penis. Does anyone use the first hand to stop blood from entering the penis during the stroke? If you do what results do you get?


Ok is it because I should know this? How come nobody is saying anything?

I used to one hand jelq. The only problem is that eventually your dick starts to look like your hand, mostly because you’re not applying even pressure on the penis, so the base gets more pressure than mid-shaft, etc. So your dick isn’t straight; it gets widest about 2/3 the length of your dick from the base.

One version of jelqing is not better than the other. It is all about what feels most comfortable. Any fashion will get you the gains you want.

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