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On mixing girth and length exercises

On mixing girth and length exercises

Hey guys,

Ok, here’s my question. Will stretching a lot —-say doing a lazy ass stretch every other day for an hour, and about 5 to 10 minutes of regular stretching every single day—- and just plain wet jelqing effect each other or cancel the gains out? Since I’ve been stretching in both ways with no real break I always feel a little sore and I’m assuming that it’s from the stretching. I usually jelq about once every two days or so for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. What is everyones opinion on this exercise routine and what I should do about the slight soreness in my penis. It doesn’t necessarily hurt at all, I can just tell that it’s sore. Oh, and not that it really applies to my question but my routine also includes kegels.
Oh and I’ve been PE’ing now since mid-December. Exact day is when I joined Thunders actually! Will check my stats soon and post. Thanks everyone.


I think you could stretch as much as you want, and jelqing afterward to restore blood flow is beneficial. You’re still kind of stretching when you do a jelq.

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Sounds like a good routine to me. The soreness (more fatigue than pain, right?) sounds normal, and with me it tells me a got a good workout. Just stay away from pain. Here’s a link to a newly started thread that looks to be a good one on stretching every day and varying girth exercises.

Length and girth work demand different amount of rest


Thanks guys, Anyone else care to make a comment? The more replies, the more accurate the answers seem to be.


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