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Omg wtf no no no no.... I'm such a douchebag and a drama queen


Originally Posted by El Wino

My parents never really loved me much. When I was born my penis was so small they thought I was a girl with an underdeveloped clitoris.

You need to show your mom how big you are now! Boy would she be proud! :)

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg

You need to show your mom how big you are now! Boy would she be proud! :)

That is so many shades of wrong.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

El wino, please don’t be offended by a newbie commenting on your thread. I just wanted to say that you got it once, you can do it again. Stress is a killer, relax and do what these guys said. I love this site, you all are such an encouragement to me. I just wanted to try an encourage back. I’m a nurse and I always thought that penis enlargement might be possible because of the way I’ve seen the heart , arteries and veins enlarge from the stress of extra blood volume. I didn’t know how to get the extra volume in the penis until I found thunders. Not only do y’all prove PE in theory- you all give so much practical do’ and don’t; It’s not scary to undertake this journey. Thank you all again -el wino, kingpole, luvdadus, dino the list is to long, but yall are my heroes. Thanks again for all the great safety tips and routines.

Start april 5.5bpel 5.0eg now 6-12-07 6.bpel 5.25 eg @base goal 7.2 by 6

PEer for life. Life is short, your dick doesn’t have to be. Little mick


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