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OMFG!!!! SWELLLL!!! HORSE440 I could kiss you!!

OMFG!!!! SWELLLL!!! HORSE440 I could kiss you!!

my hands are fucking shaking while typing this…..

I have just discoverd the Horse440……..


after about 20 minuites of this intense exercise I just measured my girth…

this is incredible - the swell is magnificent….

My normal erect girth is 5.5 and I just measured at 6.5!!!!!!



but realistically this is just post workout, I think alot of it may be just skin bloat, but fuck if even only a FRACTION of it goes towards permanent gain!!!?

Ive never been able to gain any significant girth and its all I wanted!! now hopefully my wish will come truewoowoowoo!!!




Same thing happened to me, though my “increase was less” since I was large
to begin with and there is only so much skin.

This works for you and me better than anything else. But for many it seems to be no better
than jelq and for some who posted it did nothing.

We are all physiologically different. I too am glad I discovered it.

Such a large increase will go down, but secjay, do you realize you you can intercourse
while in the HSed state? You can. So, so what if it goes back down.


How much of the Horse440’s effect is due to pushing “in” blood from the glands, and how much is due to simply “compressing” the shaft? When I Horse440 it seems like the two CCs “spread”
which increase the girth tremendously. Also, the CS (mine is protruding) seems to vanish a little to in between the CCs.


HORSE/1.1 440 Penis Not Found


Hey all….I have new to the PEing scene and have never heard of “Horse440”. What is it and how do you do it..?


Phat and Secjay,

How do you guys do your HS’s, do you squeeze the head or do the reverse jelq? I have only tried the HS once, as I want to reach my length goals before thickening, but the one time that I did them I measured a 1/4 inch increase in girth after only about 5 mins of work.

Stretching in the sun

Amen sec!

Just did only 3 horseys 100% erect for the 1st time and - omg - there’s a difference! I seem to be bigger for longer time than ever before.. Bulge! Amen.


A Man behind his mask.

The first time I did the Horse440 I had a massive swelling. I believe my girth went up about .7 of an inch. However, I have never been able to duplicate that first experience. I don’t think I have done them correctly so I don’t do them anymore, but that first day…woah…it was quite impressive. Secjay, do you mind explaining your technique for the rest of us.

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Yes please….someone explain the technique…if its possible to gain girth through this technique I would love an explanation…


Hey seven5search!

People are reluctant to answer you when it’s obvious you haven’t done your homework! Read the FAQ, Glossary and let’s not forget the Forum Guidelines. After you’ve done that, read the Newbies Forum. We’ve all had to do it!

There’s a wonderful feature of this site located in the top right corner …. it’s called a “Search” button. Learn how to use it and save yourself a lot of time asking questions that have been answered many, many times before. :)

Horse440s are an advanced exercise and are not suitable for newbies - they have a tendency for creating thrombosed veins in men who’ve only just started PE. Read about it! Start much lighter first and work up to Horses after about 3 or 4 months.

I’d better let you catch up with your reading and, BTW, Welcome!

lil1 :lep:

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ok heres the deal;
its been around 24 hours and Im still easily over 6 around this is great :D

phat, how do you mean physiologically different?

To answer more questions:
I think alot of the swell is actually due to foreskin swelling/bloating, but at least a portion of it is increased corpa, definately….

I didn’t do it with any lube, so I didn’t conform to horsies exact instructions, but the key is the head! or rather the head is the key! squeeze it good!

that was the turning point, you can only get so much pressure up with a plain ol’ uli :)

One problem Ive seen early thus; at the very base where I grip torniquet style get virtually no swell, so I get this sort of shape - thinner at base, suddenly really thick, then tapers slightly towards the head with not much expansion in the head itself…

This is definately going to turn into a major baseball effect unless I work on base girth too….

oh and yeah phat I kind of guessed that intercourse is possible, and I’m looking forward to trying it out :D !!!

sorry if I missed any questions or anything, geez Im still so excited!



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