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Old though lost in infinite forums

Old though lost in infinite forums

I was just wondering if a just jelquing routine could be beneficial. i mean it has all the necessary requirements right? Your pumping excess blood, every time you pull toward the head you are stretching the penis. It seems anyone who’s had good gains has this excersise in their routine.

I guess its like when you are trying to buy a supplement. The teller takes you to the one with all the extra crap but you know you only need the one ingredient because thats the main part.

I don’t know i think its possible. For length just stretch the penis while at the end of a jelq. and everyone knows that jelquing helps with girth.

Everyone now is looking for something fast, hell even me, but i think its about time we put in the effort on something we know works and give solid results.

So do you think an all Jelq routine could work?

Thats just my 2 cents
thanks for listening guys


I think that there are enough variations with jelqing that could serve as a longterm basic routine for making gains.
For example:

1. Dryjelqing (no lube, no fuss, done anywhere)
2. Wetjelqing (a different feel from dryjelqing, good for length and girth depending on erection status)
3. Combinations with Stretching - i.e. stretching out with an ok grip below the glans, then dryjelqing using the other hand with an ok grip starting at the base of the shaft. You could do a slight modification with a slight twist of the glans before commencing the dryjelq with the second hand. This little adjustment really helps to blow up the shaft as the jelq is being performed and the dick is being stretched outward.

I’m sure others could come up with further variations. All in all, I think jelqing should be a mainstay of all PE activities.


Dry jelqing?

It’s basically jelqing without lube? Or is there a different way to do it? I tried it once, but it was painful to my skin. What’s the advantage, if any, to dry jelqing?

Please excuse my ignorance on this matter.

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Originally posted by Prickle
What's the advantage, if any, to dry jelqing?

I don’t know about advantages, but you’re able to actually feel the meat of the shaft instead of just gliding over it with the help of lube. Kinda hard to describe, but it’s just a “feel” thing.


Dryjelqing is not wetjelqing without lube. I’ll try to describe it as best I can. What you do is make an ok grip at the base of your shaft. Now squeeze and pull/push along the shaft, using the skin as the sliding barrier up the shaft while you are forcing bloodflow toward the glans. That’s it. Your ok grip is NOT sliding across the skin causing irritation. I hope this explanation helps. If anyone else can enhance my description, please do so.


Dry jelqing works best if you are uncut. I don’t know if any cut people do dry jelqing though

I’m cut and I dry jelq. Not like I have a lot of extra skin either, just enough. I could never wet jelq due to time contraints and lube needs, etc. But with dry jelqing, it was easy to fit into my routine of stretches and bends without the lube mess cleanup time. Peforeal pretty much nailed the description, the hand doesn’t slide across the skin but stays in contact with the same area and slides up towards the glans. The stroke may be shorter without being able to slide the entire shaft, but that can be made up with intensity. I have to switch hands every 25 strokes. I haven’t tried the two handed stretch-jelq yet, but I will.

don't have to be uncut to dryjelq

I’m cut and still dryjelq easily. It may help that I have some pliability to my shaft skin from pumping, but I think there are several others who dryjelq and are circumcised.


I am cut and I dry jelq!!!!!! I probably will never wet jelq again. I am tried of the mess. If someone knocks on my door, now I can throw on some shorts and open it. Before I would pretend I was asleep…lol For me, dry jelqing works MUCH better anyways. I kinda do an uli and dry jelq at the same time, then every 4 min. I do a 30 sec. bend. This seems to be working GREAT. I do this first thing in the morning, so HE stays pumped all day. I stretch just before bed, because I lose my pump when I stretch.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

before finding pe (via tom hubbard), i refered to dry jelq as was bascially the only thing i did til last september when i starting hanging. yes it does work, and the results are permanent.I did 8 to 10 sets of 50 jerks with each hand. I still say jerks cause you can really pull on the penis which i found “stops” the pull suddenly. wet jelq doesn’t have the same effect, or feel at the root (as far as I know, i was also doing some lig. pulling as well as forcing blood in the shaft).


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