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Okay, Clampers. Listen up: Do as I say, not as I do.


Rest. Yes seems I've heard this before

I’m sorry, Sparky, I couldn’t resist. I appreciate your concern, and I’m sure you are right. Now all I have to do it make myself do it.

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You need to change your sig, BG

Old Goal: 8x6

New Goal: Not Exploding My Dick :D


Hey BG-

I have been following the story of you and the urologist with interest from another thread. Please do keep us updated on
What is transpiring with you and her. The thought of a hot female doctor examining dicks all day is quite intriguing :) .
I bet she could tell some good stories. I have this picture in my mind of some guy going to see her that has a real bad
Premature ejaculation problem.. She handles it a bit too much and gets unloaded on in the face.. Funny stuff. Thanks!

God, everybody wants doctor stories. Guess I’ll have to start a new thread. Okay: For Phoenix, hhh and Doubles: Yeah, she’s a real Hottie, all right. Maybe I’ll start calling her that rather than “The good doctor.” because of her uncanny resemblance to Supersizit’s girlie pic Hottie.jpg. Actually it is just the face. Doc could be as much as 10 years older than the calendar girl and I haven’t seen her body, but the face is close. Just imagine this face:


A little older with her hair back in a thick French braid gazing over the tops of thick wire rim glasses kind of sixties, (John Lennon/ Gandhi style) that make her brown eyes look real BIG. White lab coat over a yellow sundress, nice legs, medium heel pumps, that Supersizit would get excited over (She probably has nice feet) I think the model has bigger tits but the rest of looks about the same size, best I can tell from the photo. Doc is small, very petite, maybe 5’2” around 100 pounds. I’m really going to ask her out. We have this Hippocratic oath thing that may be a problem, but if it comes down to it, I’ll just get another doctor. Anyway, if this happens I’ll write about it in LL&F. This thread is all over the place as it is.

Kong Dong
and Skeletor:

Yes, I do get a lot of PMs about clamping, so I’ve started answering all PMs on the threads so everyone can benefit. I’ll try to answer all of your questions here since they are somewhat related. Because of a recent injury, which probably was more due to hanging than clamping, it has caused me to rethink some of my methods, and I will amend my threads accordingly. I guess I’ve started doing that here.

PeteM and Skeletor: Your PMs asked for my routine, it is posted above. KD you asked about bends while clamping:

But first (because I see KD is from Miami and because this thread is already dealing with Hanging, Clamping Injuries Personal routines and sexual fantasies with one’s doctor) let me hop even more off topic a sec to say I hope all of our members in Florida faired the weather okay, guess guys like KD and Remek were well south of the blow, but anywhere in Florida is a hotspot during a hurricane and when I hear of one down there it always strikes a nerve. I went down there in 76 on vacation ended up staying 17 years. South Beach, before the renovation when apartments on Third Street were $300.00 a month. I can imagine what they go for now. I was living on a boat anchored off Jew Fish Creek when they evacuated the keys into Homestead for Andrew. I had a nice safe canal picked out to ride out the storm, but finally gave in and brought my boat up the Miami River and tied up to a dock at the Bermuda House. Well you know the story, Andrew took a last minute turn leaving the upper keys untouched but wiped out all those folks in Homestead who had evacuated. If you look underneath the 12th avenue bridge on the river you’ll see what’s left of my last boat. I also lost boats in David, and Fredric. Otherwise it was the best 17 years of my life.


KongDong: 6-1/2” girth at the base is not too shabby. Sounds like you’ve already gotten the hang of Clamping. However, you asked me if I bend during clamping. Not anymore. I now recommend not doing bends or anything while actually clamped. I used to do all the bends and stuff, but have found the best thing for me is just staying in the clamp for the full 10-minute sets. Do as many sets as you can stand. I honestly think keeping the engorgement for the full 10 minutes for as many sets as possible works better than just doing a few because you have skin soreness from all the bending and stuff, not to mention the stress it puts on the CC.

Sorry for going off topic with all the Florida stuff, but we’ve got a lot of members down there, and with this last storm I’m wondering how everyone is holding up. I guess Pirate Steve put to sea and sailed for calmer waters, and evidentially Remek survived to Clamp another day.
Haven’t heard from Stevie or Hook in a while. Hope them scallywags didn’t get blown away.

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No Nukes

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Big Girtha,
Were you peeking when I posed for that picture! You naughty boy!

Want my phone number? I’ll play Doctor with you!


At this rate, PE could become a new Olympic sport


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