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Ok, so it works!

Ok, so it works!

I had fooled around with jelqing before, but never stuck with it and didn’t approach it agressively.

Yesterday made one full week of hanging and PJ. I will definetley, continue my program’s. It was my rest day, and thought I’d share my hard work with the wife. HOLY SHIT !!! I haven’t had a hard-on like that in years. She enjoyed it thoroughly, even got off in a position she usually doesn’t care for. I felt like I was in total control, besides being proud of my hard work. I may or may not have achieved any gains, since I don’t want to get into the measuring too often gig. But like I said, I felt harder and thicker, and she even commented on that aspect. I had total control over when I blew, thought I was gonna pass out-I came so hard. I do have a little torn flesh this A.M. Is this from all the PE and then the workout lastnite? Will my skin get tougher as time goes by?

So, I will be proceeding with my PE. My flacid length and girth seem to be responding well. I was suprised just after a week, I thought it would take longer.

Sorry for the rant, just feeling like a proud Daddy today.


that’s good to hear. Just stick with it for the long haul and I’m sure you’ll have her screaming to the moon. As with anything else, PE is all about consistency and persistence. Good luck with your gains.

As far as the torn flesh, you didn’t enough information for an assessment. But if you are just beggining PE, take it easy at first. Give your penis time to get accustomed to the new stresses you will be applying. Don’t be over-aggressive and injure yourself. A smaller penis is better than a non-funcitonal penis any day. So take it easy on your penis and your wife!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Sorry, I guess I should have elaborated a bit.

hang 5 lbs. for a t least 30 min in am and pm followed by 20 min PJ 3 sec. pulls. Only taking one day off right now.

I may have stretched the shit out of the skin (I’m cut), by hanging. Iv’e been experimenting with the swim cap, and then I built and used the ruler AFB for a coupla days, and then built an AFB out of flexible PVC and used it day before yesterday. Maybe all the PE made the skin extra sensitive, and then workin it over with the wife-maybe? I sure didn’t notice it during the heat of passion, it was this morning in the shower. Soap in an open penis wound will wake ya up.Small price to pay, for the way I feel and the quality of the shaggin last nite and many more nites to come. Remember Field of Dreams ” If you build it, they will come”! I’m gonna build it, and definetely use it.

Hey there’s my new signature.

By the way, I’m working on a knockoff for BIB’s hanger. Should finish it up tonight. I’m looking to have a good hanger, to avoid injuries. And a little less painful than the other homemade models.
I’ll post some pic’s of it when it’s done -if anybody’s interested. It is a replica of the BIB and not the BIB starter.


It sounds to me like you have a good routine. I don’t have any experience with the power jelqer, but I suspect that it may be part of your problem. I would recommend that you use a lot of moist heat before and after every PE activity. When I was doing a lot of jelqing, I used a lot of baby oil for lubrication. It helped me greatly and I believe that it prevented excessive skin chafing/irritation. I don’t know if you can do that with the PJ or not, but if you can, I’d try it.

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hangin and PJ

Yeah, thanks. Hangin for length right now, and use the PJ for circulation and slow girth increases. I think when I was experimenting with all the different hanging devises, I had some movement in the wrap area (slippage) maybe started to tear the flesh. Then the shag ripped it the rest of the way. No Pain No Gain!! I’m hoping with my new knockoff BIB, I can get a good wrap on and have it all stay in place till I’m done hanging.

I’ve been working on the lathe too, experimenting with the rollers on the PJ device. For those who have one, it’s a bitch when your dick squirts off to one side of the rollers on a pull. I’m machining billet aluminum rollers that are tapered that replace the rollers center. Hopefully it will eliminate that squirting effect. If it works out, I may offer to send out a few sets to some PJ’ers in this forum-just to get some feedback

"If you build it, they will come".

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