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Ok I'm going to start jelquing.

Ok I'm going to start jelquing.

I’m going to do light stretches and light jelquing seeing where it gets me. I used to actually do this stuff when I was much younger I think I gained like .5 inches. Lets see how it goes this time around. I’m going to do 2 on, 1 off, just light jelqs and stretches, going easy. Wish me luck. And I’ll be sure to stay off that damn dorsal nerve!

Good luck. We’ll get there!

Have you ever hurt that damn dorsal nerve? Or are you just staying on the safe side?

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

Good Luck! Hope you gain and post back about it, motivate those who need it

02-08-2007: 7"BP-4.7"EG "Starting Length"

I hurt it from too hard core of stretch with thumb on top of it. Don’t do that. And yeah I’m going to try and stay on the safe side. I’m more determined to lose my fat pad than gain from PE, so I’m going nice and light. I’ll see if doing less is more. I’ll prob report back in a month. Routine will look like this: Light stretches out forward, and upward, holding for 20 seconds, 3 sets in each direction. And some light 30 to 50% erection jelquing 100 strokes. With a warm up and warm down.

`Start: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

`Current: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

So far a few fractions of inch increase on base erect girth.

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