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OK Bunkie...


Some non PE vids were posted in divx;) and they were not playable (nor the codec locatable) through wmp.

We need to make it easy for people, which means mpeg.

I can understand the easy part. Just thinking that in general DIVX video is higher quality and smaller size.

The DIVX codec must be downloaded by itself from It won’t be dl’d through wmp, but once it is downloaded DIVX video’s can be played through it.

Yes but people need to know that. Check this thread in the dive to see how hard that is and how few people actually manage it. I got a few PM’s from that one too and half the people with problems had previously looked at other divx (4 and 5) vids I posted.

If any video of mine will be used I hereby agree that Thunder’s place will have the copyright to it. I would prefer not having my name show up in any video.

Just got the first two videos - they are great! Really professional and well edited.

Anna - you have a lovely voice, just right for narrating a man pulling on his willy ;)

Oscar - congrats on having the “balls” to do the videos in the first place, not many would. Nice penis too!

Thanks Anon.

One correction, unless Ocifar’s real name is Oscar, it was Ocifar in the video. If I am mistaken, I stand corrected.

Ocifar, great video. Even better penis. Kudos.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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