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Official Turkey Neck Thread!

Yeah, go to the doc and demand him to fix it. You paid so why shouldn’t you get what you want? Pics would be awesome bro so whenever you get a chance. ;) Glad things went well for the most part.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Originally Posted by iamaru

Thank you very much for keeping us all up to date. Sharing knowledge and experience like this is one of the things that makes this place so great. I am glad that the surgery has been a positive experience for you.

Yes I hope I have given at least some relevant knowledge to people who are considering this procedure. Before I had it done I searched desperately on here and cosmetic surgery-sites for pictures and storys but found very little, only some blurry immediate post-op photos.

And I’ll try to get ahold of a camera asap.

Whatever happened with this thread?

8/26/08: FL: 3" FG: 3" BPEL: 5" EG: 4" 12/9/09: FL: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: right under 4.25"

3/30/09: F:: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Ive been trying some skin stretches with some minimal results. I’m pretty confident when I say I have a fairly mild case of Turkey Neck. I hope to get rid of or atleast greatly minimize it before my PE days are done.

Hopefully this thread gets jumpstarted again because great things are achieved when people put their minds together.

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

What helps on the preventative side of turkey neck is to jelq from well “under”/”behind” the testicles and hold the testicles with the other hand. This keeps the “turkey” from getting stretched out in the first place.

Originally Posted by Weston
What helps on the preventative side of turkey neck is to jelq from well “under”/”behind” the testicles and hold the testicles with the other hand. This keeps the “turkey” from getting stretched out in the first place.


so do you reckon my idea - (anti-TN) Jelq Ring - would work? ie would it basically do the same as you’ve suggested? Or are you describing something different here.

Here’s the link - More effective jelqing - preventing ‘turkey neck’ using a Jelq Ring

Some have mentioned earlier that skin would eventually start slipping through the ring, however in my experience as the ring is virtually the same size (circumference or diameter… one of these!) as my base I have no skin pulled through.

In fact when using the ring I’ve noticed that there is an emphasis of pressure/pulling on the shaft, above the area of scrotal skin. I would say this is good.

So my advise, if using this device, is to make sure the size of the ring is an exact fit, to avoid skin pull.

The only negative thing I’ve noticed is beginning the jelq further down - for a full stroke - is compromised using the ring.

(Haven’t used the ring for a while, and I do think I might have the beginnings of a TN, so will start using it again).

I don’t know if it was already said on this thread, but I discovered that since I started to use my ADS often, my turkey neck seems to be smaller.

One day I'll be able to do PE o/

I can’t really tell if I have a turkey neck, I do have some loose skin between my shaft and balls, would that be a turkey neck and also how could you reduce that without increasing foreskin?

Also would a turkey neck be apparent only when erect or when flaccid aswell?

Edit: After further research I do have a turkey neck, so I have that, small girth, ape like hairy body, very short height and a Endomorph type body. I have truly been fucked over in this life, ironically I have a handsome face(so I have been told quite often) and a good brain. Sure does not feel like the trade off is worth it though, anyhow without drowning in depression, how can you reduce turkey neck without increasing foreskin?

So stretch your balls, jelq, get a shave, wear some heels, and you’ll be all set!

Who said I don’t already. :)

When I first joined this site I thought I had a turkey neck. I probably still do but I haven’t thought about it in months which tells me maybe I’ve been fixing it without realising it. I do a very stretch orientated routine and stretch quite hard, not on the early sets, but on the later ones. And I think without realising it, I stretch skin alot as well as the penis in the same stretch. And as the penis has grown, so has the skin on the shaft. Or so it seems.

Originally Posted by vdat
Hey sorry my cam isn’t working so I don’t have any photos yet until I can get a chance to borrow one.
I can tell you that the scar is healing nicely, it is still a bit reddish and raised since it’s only been 5 weeks but you can see that the mature scar will look something like a thin, white, zigzag-mark connecting with the raphe line.

However, I had a minor complication.. The technique that was performed on me was the z-plasty and one of the sutures let go a bit early at one of the triangular “flaps” which made a little piece of skin heal on top of the other skin resulting in a little piece of superflous, uneven skin (kinda hard to explain, especially since english isn’t my main language so bare with me). I was at the surgeon yesterday for a checkup and he said everything was healing absolutely fine and that the little piece of superflous skin that sticks up will eventually subside but then again he barely took a look at me so I don’t know.. This is bugging me because I wan’t it to subside NOW, I’m feeling like I can’t wait with summer approaching so fast with all the girls everywhere! (I actually had sex the day after I took out the remaining stitches with a girl I met at a party which was very stupid I know but you know how it is when your horny, I don’t know if she noticed the wound because it was dark but she might have felt it.)

As I was saying, I’m getting so frustrated over that little piece of unnessecary skin that I’m even thinking of cutting it off myself, I got a scalpel and local anaesthesia at home and I must say it is very tempting.. I am aware of the idiocy in this and I know I’m thinking very unrational but I have the feeling this isn’t going to resolve entirely on it’s own.

The op was 1600$ done by a cosmetic surgeon.

Edit: the piece of skin I’m talking about is only a few millimeters in size so it’s not a HUGE deal as it might have sounded like from my explanation.

Vdat were you circumcised as a young boy? 1600$ sucks to spend just to fix a problem you shouldn’t have.
Don’t cut it on your own, it can only end badly!


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