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of piss and thunder


of piss and thunder

Now that my dick is catching up with the rest of my body size-wize I find myself wondering whether or not this bigger tool will piss differently. I’ve always had a sort of “nozzle effect” vis-a-vis my urethra. When pissing at anything but really full pressure my cock produces more of a spray-like happening. The sound when pissing into a toilet is NOT impressive. In fact, when I was younger and more insecure about such things, I’d sit down on the toilet to piss or piss where the water isn’t so as to avoid the pussy ass tinkling noises my dick would produce when urinating. If you could hear it from the other room you deffinitely wouldn’t picture a big dick behind that noise, that’s for sure. Is there some chance that PEing will bring along with it a larger urethra and therefore a more homogenous/ single stream of thunderous piss at the commode?

You know, in the past I’d have laughed at the very notion of the sound of piss in a urinal or toilet have any impact on ego, but, as the kids say, I feel you.

I’ve had similar experiences as my schvantz has responded to training, and as time passed my piss stream unified.

My suggestion?

Wait until you really have to go, and while you’re pissing reverse kegel to increase the pressure and push out the urine flow.

Think of it as PE ‘homework’.

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I’ve heard of urethra stretching before, not going to advise it as I don’t know much about it. As I recall, on can get to the point of shoving a finger up their dick if that’s any kind of goal.

If it really is bothering you, then there is one solution I read somewhere in the ‘Guts’ short story by Chuck Palahniuk I found in a magazine. There is some arabian masturbation/jelq sticks which you can stick through your urethra which was intended to maximum pleasure (but in this case make your urethra wider). Of course, this is probably dangerous so don’t count my word as being a safe option, keep jelqing and do some kegel routines and eventually it should even out.

After browsing I dug out this link, this should be a solution to your problem

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Hehe, ive read that story aswell Jungalist, absolutely %-\

Usually the thing that effects the stream the most is the very tip of the opening. One very simple thing you can try just before pissing is to roll the tip of the glans between your finger tips to round out the hole and open it up.

I guess PE has affected me differently. My piss stream is way thicker than it ever was before. When i was a little younger it seemed like i would pee for 45 seconds to a minute if i had to go badly, now im lucky to exceed 15 seconds.

I have a friend of mine who claims a 7.75 incher and one time I came to his house when he was taking his morning piss. I sat in his room which is close to the bathroom and I seriously thought he was running water for a bath. It was a continuous stream for easily 45 seconds, and I walked in to his house sometime after he had begun pissing. When he walked out I about shat myself from laughing. I’d never heard such a monumental piss before. He says it’s like that every morning. This friend also does kegals, so that may have a part.

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Originally Posted by Jungalist

After browsing I dug out this link, this should be a solution to your problem

Hey thanks Jungalist. I ran into that word the other day and have been meaning to look into it further. I’ve found that my urinary flow will normalize after I stop PE for a while but while I’m wearing rings daily it’s just no use. So I don’t worry about it. I do worry that PE may cause Strictures though. Hope not and because I normalize I guess I’m OK for now. Must admit though I am jealous of guys who come into the urinal next to me and whiz like they were holding fire hose. shheee. Oh Well!

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****urethral stretching!!!******

ouch! I’m certainly not that bold, but thanks anyway. As to reverse kegeling, it’s something I pretty much already do when pissing where I’ll be heard- aim for the deep end and *push*. Funny friggin topic. I’m hoping I don’t have the dreaded urethral “stricture”. Somehow I doubt it. It’s always been this way. I think more likely is what gprent is mentioning about how the urethral opening is just irregular in shape and therefore creates a nozzling effect at the point of exit. That even feels like what is happening because if I toy around with the opening while pissing I can adjust the flow to a more unified one.

I suppose what I’m asking is whether or not anyone ever had the same kind of thing which was corrected/changed by PE. In other words, did making a bigger dick also widen anyones urethra so that the piss stream was more forceful/single stream.

PDC13’s statement that, <<<My piss stream is way thicker than it ever was before.>>> would seem to indicate that PE might actually be able to thicken your flow of piss by creating a bigger opening.

Drinking lots of water will help. And it will make your flacid slightly fuller too.

I’m assuming you pull your foreskin back? if uncut? mine sprays if skin left forward, like a hose if pulled back.

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I remember when I was growing up, I always assumed that the deeper the pissing tone into the toilet bowl, the bigger the dick….bizarre really but there we go hehe..I must say when I’m going for a piss with a pretty full bladder it streams out like a blade, almost an inch high, like a vertical shaft..

Other times like when I’m getting over a semi or full blown hard I piss 80% out like the blade with the other 20% piddling over the top like a little fountain like a double tragic..:D

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Y’know, I wonder if some of this is related to the ol’ “grower or shower” dichotomy. In my mind, its works that a grower would have a stronger stream of piss, possibly due to the retraction of the penis and less elongation of the urethra. Maybe not, maybe the urethra is unaffected by the dynamics of the rest of the penis.

Just seems like “the soft plumbing” can be filled fuller and fatter with piss if it is of shorter length. I’m more along the lines of shower, never really had a tiny flaccid and I notice that the stream is not as powerful as some i hear.

Hard to explain this, does anyone get what I’m speaking of? Almost as if the elongation of the urethra narrows the flow and may prevent the opening from relaxing and opening up fully.

Hey, I got you guys beat, I piss a double stream. When guys hear that they probably think I have two dicks.

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