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Odd situation

Odd situation

Hi I believe in theory this might work but I wanted to ask the more experienced members what they thought of the idea.
My ligaments are quite weak since an injury I attained which has never fully healed. I have put of PE for over a year now but the ligaments are still not getting fully better. So I have decided to start doing PE again because I am fed up of having a small dick and my ligaments don’t want to get strong again.
What I have decided to try is a modification on the exercises so that they don’t yank on my ligaments too much. I would like to hear from the experienced member whether they think these will work and allow some growth…….

1)tightening a ring with one hand around my mostly flacid dick, at the base, then putting a ring just under the head with the other hand and while pulling with the hand near the head, I would use the hand at the base to stop it yanking my ligaments too much. So in effect I would be pulling each hand away from eachother, the hand at the base would be pulling back towards my body, and the hand near the head would be pulling away from my body. Would this not stretch my dick along its shaft and have a similar effect to a normal stretch? I can’t think why it wouldn’t but can any experienced guys let me know of what they think?

2)using the ring around the base of my dick again, to hold in some blood with a partial erection, and doing a soft jelq with the other hand, as the hand at the base is pulling back toward the body. So the hand near the base is pulling backwards but isn’t moving because it is already as far back as it can go.

Would these methods work? They seem plausable. Let me know what you think please.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

The biggest question I have is what exactly is your injury? How severe is it’s damage? I would hate to give any advice without knowing some of these specifics. PE can be dangerous and giving blind direction may prove to damage you more. I sure with more specifics there will be a safe solution.

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Glad to see you back. (Had to say that aloud). I hope someone can give you the information you seek.

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Awww thanks Anna, you know I miss your intelligent spirit and ensightful nature.

Hi Double, my injury is on the suspensory ligaments and the ligaments are still attached and keep my dick erect at an angle still, so they still work, but they sometimes creek(for want of a better word) a bit. They can’t handle being tugged on without me feeling them niggle. This however shouldn’t stop me making some gains if I am careful.
So I don’t really want to know if my condition is ok to proceed with PE, I just want to know if experienced people think they can see a reason why my adapted stretches and adapted jelqs would fail to gain me growth.

Hi Thunder, thanks for the encourangement. It has been a long time hasn’t it? I have been away from Pe for too long and my ligaments aren’t happy whether I do PE or don’t do PE, so I might aswel just do the PE and have grumpy ligaments.
Can you see a problem with why my dick wouldn’t grow from the modified exercises I will try? You say maybe I should just focus on girth, but my girth is 5” which is average so I don’t feel bad about girth, but length is an insecurity for me and would like a flacid dick that hung lower, so I really want to try these modified stretches too. Can you see a reason why they wouldn’t work?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

What’s your concern about your ligaments? Are you afraid of tearing them? Are they slightly painful? (I don’t exactly know what niggle means in this context.)

The reason I’m asking this relates to your stating that your ligaments are weak. Are you saying that they were somehow weakened by previous PE workouts? Do you feel that one or more ligaments are completely torn or are partly torn and haven’t healed back yet? Also how do you know which ligament is injured?

The exercises that you suggest sound fine. Be careful that the hand at the base doesn’t apply any downward pressure.

I will suggest the following exercises (people more experienced than I should determine if they would be appropriate for you): You might be able to do very gentle stretching or jelquing involving the ligaments as long as you don’t have a ligament that’s torn or partially torn. I would think that gentle JAI stretches would also work well. In addition some type of very gentle all day stretch seems like it would work well. The key to this is that if any of it causes you pain then you should not do it.

One thing I can tell you from having numerous ankle injuries. Ligs never heal. They may recover somewhat but they will never tighten even close to what they were originally. One of ankles can bend almost completely sideways because of how baddly I have injured it in the past.

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