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Obsessive Thoughts That Can Ruin Exercise

Obsessive Thoughts That Can Ruin Exercise

I am still strugling with my OCD (Obsessive Compultion Disorder) and BDD (Body Dismorphic Disease) and I thought I should be honest about this and bring it to the group. For those who don’t know me or my story I am a long time with decent gains and a decent sized penis. My problem is my SELF VIEW…I have alot of difficulty seeing my self as a person with a big penis…I also constantly compare myself to other people and even though my mesurements are greater than some people I have a hard time seeing my penis as anything but small.

One particular problem I suffer with is Obsessive Checking, to the point that it can ruin my whole exercise session by taking focus off of my exercises and putting focus on proving my obsessions not true. This is a vicious cycle that leeds to repetitive interuptions and ultimately a poor workout. (penis not hard enough because of the continuous negative thought patterns…fustration….discouragement) This is some info I found on this obsessive checking crap…I thought maybe it would be helpful and aPE wanted me to talk more on the subject so here goes.

Denying and defying OCD is most definitely the cornerstone therapy technique that allows you to live beyond the obsession(s) and gain ultimate control of your life. _People often misunderstand what it means to “deny” an obsession. _In practice, it means recognizing the existance of an intrusive/unwanted thought and simply leaving it alone, remaining indifferent to whatever the obsession is suggesting. _ There are other techniques that effectively work to desensitize your brain to obsessive thoughts, but you'll eventually reach a point where the following example serves you best:

Example: (Paraphrased by me) _You're Jelqing and suddenly receive the intrusive thought of I think my penis is small. _ My first instinct is to freak out and start trying to convince myself I'm not small and then start referencing and comparing myself to previous thoughts or objects around me. I may even start measuring obsessively at this point . _ Unfortunately, such REASSURANCE only serves to feed OCD in the long run. _I learned that the long and hard way, just as many others have. _The most efficient technique, at this point in the example, is to recognize the obsession — perhaps even laugh at it — and simply LET IT BE. _You heard me correctly! _LET IT BE!!! _ Don't give a “yes” or “no” response to the thought. _Instead, let OCD worry about itself. _Simply ignore it and move on with whatever you'd like to be doing instead. _Is it hard to do? _Absolutely! _ It's UNCERTAINTY in it's finest hour. _ But you'll learn that uncertainty brings out the best in your WILL and FORTITUDE. _ Don't try to escape OCD. _LET IT BE and keep going with the life you want to lead. _ It's a process called STARVATION. _It works. _In time, you'll see obsessions as simply false alarms and you'll be able to live beyond them automatically with much less effort. _
I'm repeating myself from earlier summer posts, but I thought a refresher might be in order.”

This is a subnote on Obsessive Checking

“The key to correcting a checking obsession is to deny your brain’s tendancy to get stuck in a repeating cycle of doubt. _I used to be the “master” of obsessive checking. _ And without the right understanding and proper techniques to disqualify the impulse to check repeatedly, I could very easily fall back into the trap.

In a nutshell, you tell your brain it’s only got 1 chance to check. _It’s a “snooze, you lose” type of discipline. _Take a deep breath, check the item with deliberate consciousness … and move on. _MOVE ON!! _You brain will SCREAM for a repeat, but put your foot down. _It takes practice and the courage to take reasonable risks. _When you know you’ve only got 1 chance, you’re alert and focused. _You’re at your best in that given situation. _ Be strong and calm. _You can overcome. “

I hope this helps people

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Good note

Most of us are probably more or less obsessive about certain things, I´m on the more side. In my case there´s usally one bodypart at the time that gets the attention and when I overcome my obsession about that one another takes over and so the circle goes. Obsessive checking, yes indeed.

You are absolutely right about being strong and calm at let it be, that way you can even learn to like what you obsessed about earlier, with time. Time in this case might mean years.

Thanks for the reminder.

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