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Obsession, Profession, or Confession


Obsession, Profession, or Confession

OK.. I have read differing opinions on obsession before PE, I am questioning whether it becomes a profession, or what truthfulness if any in confession, about it being an obsession.

Yeah, I admit, I have been totally blown away by the gains on here, and would say it has been a bit obsessing to say the least, to know that I can attain something I thought I would never have or be able to have. In measuring up’.. So to speak, I have always been a bit above average, but felt way below average of course for many reasons.

Perhaps we can take a poll this thread. I guess what I am wanting to know, is does the drive to be bigger lessen as one gains, or does the desire to be bigger remain, etc.? I am not at goal, so yeah, I still want to be bigger. But there are some sites after reviewing this one, where guys will go to ‘great lengths’.. Excuse the expression.. A pun there.. Hehehe.. To obtain a larger penis. Some have used silicone and some of those have gone to ‘extremes’ as far as my understanding goes anyway. To each his own.. :)

However, when is ‘enough, ever enough”??

Food for thought.. :)

Considering the size of some of the porn dicks out there and the noises the girls are making as those cocks work their hot bods - I doubt many of us will ever stop or ever get close to the monster cock size we desire.

obsession - yes, now that I have made my dick a little bigger I want it to be huge. I’m talking screaming orgasm, restraint order huge.

profession - we’re not getting paid, so it’s more of a hobby.

confession - PE? Whats PE?

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

All I know is even though I could stand to be better looking, have more money, dress better, have a higher IQ, etc; having a big dick is the only thing that really concerns me much.

My wife once told me, “You damn men, you could be hung like a donkey and you still wouldn’t be satisfied.”

Aaaaah, she knows me sooooo well.

My first goal was 8x6 now I been there and done that and now look for 9x7 but it is true when you reach a size your happy with you aren’t as driven. I’m only partially obsessed now:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Well, beeing a happily married man with a good sex-life, I would say I do not have such a big desire to gain indefinitely. As soon as the exercises start being a pain in the neck, I will probably stop, or at least go over to a maintenance routine.
Right now, I really get pleasure from doing the exercises.


Confession: Hi, my name is ynarevith (yeah, my parents didn’t like me much) and I PE. I have been PEing now for about a month and a half.

Obsession: I will stop when I reach 11x9. What does that tell ya?

Profession: You mean I can get a JOB doing this!! SIGN ME UP!!!!


Once I hit about 7” bpel and seeing wifey put on more of a show for me I realized a bigger dick is really nice to have. I’m sure she can handle more and enjoy it more too. It’s a slow process and if you are on the road to becoming too big you can always stop.

I don’t think many of us will ever be too big tho.

For me it’s a bit of an obsession. Feels good watching wifey cum harder and more often… and feels good jerking off with a bigger dick.

I’m so proud. :-)

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...


I guess the ‘profession’ part, was if each member here was professing or confessing to be obsessed, or just utilizing PE as part of their lives to ‘obtain’ a greater more fulfilling ‘profession’ in life.. Hmmmmmm?

I sometimes wonder if the ‘11x9’ confession was not the ‘True Confession’ on here.:) .. And the one who said ‘you guys could be hung like donkeys and still not be happy.. Yep.. I believe it. For the most part, the guys on this site are fairy huge already..

So, what is it, obsession, or what?

So Godzilla,

Do you think your wife enjoys it much more, or that you enjoy it more and she also does just because you do, or is it because you are bigger? Do you want to be even bigger and how does she feel about it?

Ok, I have found that there are some facts behind some of these confessions here. Obviously everyone has avoided the issue.. If it was a big pic, they would all be commenting, but getting down to internal issues, no, I don’t think so.. :) Food for thought.

Like.. For instance.. When is ‘enough, enough’?

I think it is definitely an obsession for many of us here. By normal standards, as someone said, a large number of the guys on these forums are above average. So what fuels the drive to get huge? It is just simply our own egos we are stroking. It is also possible that we could be trying to make up for a lack of something else in our lives (such as financial stability or personality). I mean, I guess you will always have your big dick.

Originally Posted by Workoutguy
Like.. For instance.. When is ‘enough, enough’?

When you can tie it in a bow. :rofl:

For real though, being in the 8-9 bpel range I’ll be happy as hell, I can’t see myself being as driven to get more at that point.
Well maybe just another 1/2” after nine…. :-k

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No, no, no, I can stop any time I want, really!

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