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Obsession is the absolute key to gains.


Obsession is the absolute key to gains.

When I got in to PE, I always approached it scientifically. I always thought, well, exerting pressure is bound to cause length gains. I think that’s the best way to look at it. But reading this forum, I have noticed something, the guys with the best gains, are the ones who are here a lot, who talk about their dicks a lot, who basically, cannot stop thinking about their dicks. And here I am, this person who looks at PE scientifically, who used to do 2 minutes of aggressive stretching in the morning, followed by 300 jelqs. Every day for a couple of weeks there (since I got back to PE). Gains moderate at best. My dick wasn’t even hardly sore. But in the past week and a half this has changed. 500 jelqs, twice a day, every night when I sleep, I “tuck” when I sleep like someone here recommended, and just three days ago I started my quest to build a Bib hanger, finished it last night (I actually couldn’t sleep, thinking about it), and hung 15 lbs for 10 minutes this morning. Now my dick is sore.

So, from:

power stretching (I’m sure there’s a name for it here, but I am hard at catching the lingo)
300 jelqs
1000 kegeals


hanging (I plan to go from 5 minutes to as long as reasonably possible, I want soreness, continual)
1000 jelqs (500 morning, and 500 night)
nightly tucking (go to sleep with your dick between your legs, it can be comfortable if you do it right, this is a natural extender, and when you wake in the morning your dick won’t be very flaccid at all, I really truly recommend it if you do nothing else)
1000 kegeals

And I plan to build a dongle extender, because tucking works, but only while sitting, and I do yardwork, hopefully it can be worn in the day while I work.

Obsession is the key. Someone joked with me about my sig, basically suggested that we’re all crazy. I don’t think we are, I think there is absolutely a scientific basis for natural PE, but I don’t think you’ll achieve it just by having a plan that you follow consistently. That plan has to change, you have to keep pushing yourself. My original plan was good. It helped my flaccid length, definitely caused my erections to become stronger, and all around convinced me this stuff “works.” But it’s not enough, and you don’t realize that until you become obsessed with this. I want to gain 2”, that’s probably unrealistic, no scientific basis for that at all (most people seem to gain at most 1”), but my obession tells me it is possible.

So it’s simple. Push yourself. You will not gain unless you keep pushing yourself and thinking of new ways to increase your plan. I assure you. Obsession, however, is the key. Einstein obsessed for decades about the photon before creating Relativity Theory. Fermat’s Last Theorem was not solved for hundreds of years until one guy obsessed about it for 10+ years (the last two, notably, he spent every waking hour on it). Thomas Edison is quoted famously that it took thousands of tries to invent the light bulb (dug up the quote just now and it was only 700, but still!). Anyone who tries to enter the Ironman triathalon must train for 3-5 years. Anyone who wants to achieve anything, must push themselves. So yeah.

I’m off to work. Take care guys!

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

Obsession is the absolute key to gains…



Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

That’s a hell of a jump in intensity, I wish you a safe journey. Instead of a lecture, I would like to say to you to be very aware of all that is going on. I’m a firm believer that ONLY you will know when things get too much, I can’t look at a routine and gather much out.

Keep me posted.

I kept waiting for you to list the gains you made from pratically constant pe. I agree to some extent, I also think that the more you pe the more it takes. If you have been at this for years you get so conditioned you have to do more.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

The law of diminishing gains as time goes on you seems to need more and more work just to eek out the smallest of gains. Maybe long breaks might be the answer but who knows.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

That’s one hell of a post Rags.

I was just discussing this subject the other day w/my wife and telling her how she needs to get ready for me to be totally “unbalanced” w/PE and hanging in order for me to hit my goals.

When you analyze what we’re trying to accomplish it boggles the mind. It will truly take a lot of time, patience, effort and proper technique. It’s always said that most guys make gains initially but then that’s it. My question is when you compare the beginning intensity level to the beginning ligs level, something is giving. As a guy levels off in gains the intensity must increase because the ligs and tunica have gotten stronger and adapted to the beginner’s level of intensity. I would bet that when a new guy begins PE he is in a constant state of soreness but then that goes away, and oddly enough, most gains come to slow grinding halt.

I’m sore like a mother and have been that way since around June 1st when I began (second time around). My goal is to constantly stay sore until I’m just burned out on PE. And the only way I personally can stay in a constant state of soreness is to become obsessed.

Excellent subject dude.

Thanks Nine.

Pud, I have been back to PE about a month now, but the first two weeks seemed to reflect my original plans, and though I gained about a cm, I don’t feel that it was really giving me significant gains. I’m avoiding measuring for the time being. But there is a significant, objective quality in my flaccid hang, which I attribute to the tucking at night primarily.

ocd, yep, that’s how it’s gotta be.

And for the rest of you guys, I appreciate the concern, but I think Nine has it right. We know our limits. To be honest 1000 kegeals is harder on my hands than it is my dick. I could probably handle 2000 in a day before my dick started buggering out.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

You mean 1000 jelqs is hard on your hands, kegals require no hands. Very nice post, r.a.q. I agree. I’ve never gained with passive PE. I’ve never seen anyone gain this way. I think you have to be obsessed with it to see any real gains. I think you have to be careful, and keep an eye on how other members have been injured, but I DO feel you have to push the envelope to see any real results, just like with any type of fitness training. I also believe that somewhere out there is a breakthrough waiting to be stumbled upon. I think it will come to us by trial and error and from the blood sweat and tears of this forum. There are a lot of very smart youngsters on this forum, and a lot of stubborn old coots like me. But we have a common goal, a single thing about ourselves we want changed, and I truly believe nothing can stand in our way if we stick together.

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No Nukes

This thread is making me want to PE yet again tonight.

Dedication is the key - not obsession. Doing 2x/day workouts can quickly burn you out - or even lead to injury. I personally knew a guy who seems to have made outrageous gains doing manual PE. And he was the epitome of “Slow and steady wins the race.”

He never did anything crazy or extreme, and he boasted that he never incurred even the slightest injury doing PE. He also claimed erect length gains of roughly 4” (from “about 5 inches” to “about 9 inches” erect). He also made proportionate girth gains.

He never pumped, never wore cock rings, or an extender, nor did he ever hang weights - all just manual: hot wraps, jelqs, stretches, kegels. That’s it. I would never suggest that such gains are typical or to be expected; I merely mention the gains he made without ever getting crazy. He PE’d 7 days per week, every morning, while sitting on the edge of his bath tub. Then he went about the business of his day. But he never missed workouts and he did this for a very long time (i.e., “dedication,” not obsession).

I agree wadzilla. I PE in a moderate fashion. Stretch hard for 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour. Jelq 30 minutes, moderate intensity, pump 10 minutes. I seem to have gained 3/4 of an inch in length and 1/2inch in girth over a 4 month period. I noticed better gains when I increased my stretching intensity and did my workout everyday.

I think consistency is key because you gain a tiny tiny tiny little amount everyday, but that adds up over time.

Before I went on my “break” I did consistent PE for a month. Very strong stretches (my original posts here talked about the popping that I incurred from stretching, not sure if they’re around anymore, but I was enjoying it), 300 jelqs, basically the plan I listed up there. I achieved gains, obvious and immediate, but I simply don’t feel like those gains could continue at that rate. Before, for me, it was like, getting up and brushing your teeth, just something to do because you know it’s right, but not super necessary. But now, it’s like, that’s all I can think about, I get nervous when I feel my dick going flaccid. I think major flaccidity is how it heals (that’s why it pops, because it’s pulling itself inward and trying to heal itself). Other parts of our body don’t have retractor muscles, so if you were to stretch the ligs in say, some other part of your body, it wouldn’t pull back as easily.

Anyway, I’m not that great with dedication… sometimes I’ll forget, or oversleep, or whatever, and not have time to PE. Now that I’m literally obsessing, though, I don’t forget, and I make time. Just this morning I subconsciously woke up 30 minutes early so I could do a morning jelq and hang. Maybe I am crazy. But trust me when I say that I know my limits.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

I think it’s pretty true that obsession does play a large part in success - I’ve read a hell of a lot of information about the mind, and the mind cannot tell the difference between past and future (or fact and fiction). Think about something unpleasant - think about coming home one day, walking into your bedroom, and finding your girlfriend in bed with another guy. Think about it in detail. Perhaps with a friend of yours. Or perhaps with somebody you absolutely despise. Or perhaps a more apt example - think about a girl laughing at you for having a small dick. Think about her telling her friends about your inadequacy. Most people will be feeling unpleasant in the stomach, almost as if it’s really happening.

How is this relevant? The mind does not differentiate what is real and what is not when it comes to bodily reaction. Why do we get erect when we think about things that turn us on if we’re sat alone? Why do we get an adrenaline rush when we imagine finding our girlfriend fucking another guy? What you have in your mind automatically causes the body to adapt to that vision. The mind controls the body, after all. More importantly, the mind does not consider things in terms of the present and the future. To the mind, they are the same. So constantly imagining yourself with a big dick, combined with regular PE routines, will absolutely make it happen. People that go for months without any gains whatsoever - do you think about yourself as you are now, or how you want to be? If you’re thinking about yourself having a small dick, then your mind will automatically cause your body to move towards that image.

So yes - obsession definitely can be beneficial, if it is outletted in the appropriate way.

However… I do think your new routine is a little excessive.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

IMO, consistency and a good plan are essential. Obsession may help in that it encourages consistency, but it can also hurt by promoting overtraining.

Although the mind is powerful, I don’t think it can make the body do something it is incapable of doing. Positive visualization can help a person achieve his personal best, but it can’t change the limits imposed by one’s genetics.

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