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Obsession is the absolute key to gains.


I dont agree that OBSESSION is the key to gains, but pushing yourself hard is…you have to break boundaries but you you must listen to your body so you wont get injured and then backtrack

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Basically what I’m trying to say is; for me, PEing to “get bigger” was nothing, it’s like, eating better food to “be thinner.” Sooner or later you’ll say “fuck this” to that diet, or you just won’t care. Now, however, I want this, I want a bigger penis, I cannot stop thinking about it. I mean, seriously, for the longest time I knew how to build a Bib hanger, but the freaking $1.50 for PVC pipe and 15 minute drive to the store compelled me not to, something as simple as that. It was like “oh, too much effort, and stretching is enough.” No, it’s not enough, you’re wrong if you think that keeping it simple is enough, at least for any really good gains. Perhaps over time, but I doubt that’s the case for most people because of our healing properties. I broke both of my wrists when I was 16. I asked the doc if they’d break very easily, because they felt quite frail when the cast came off. He said that the natural mend was STRONGER than the bone itself, and if I broke my wrists again, it would not be where the mend was, but somewhere else. BTW, the transverse fracture healed completely in 3 weeks much to my doctors surprise (“fastest recovery I’ve ever seen”), I am a very quick healer. Just came back from Wal-Mart, got some couplers. So I’m off to build my extender now (still have extra PVC from the Bib Hanger I made). :)

Oh, and I’m not increasing my plan from where I’m at now. I firmly believe I’m hitting my upper limit here at the time being, but certainly, reading other peoples “45 minute to 2 hour workouts” I cannot possibly be doing anything that some of you guys are doing.

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fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D


But he never missed workouts and he did this for a very long time.

Key statement by Wad right there -

Consistency, patience, and persistence.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

I’m not sure if there is any negative affects towards my results to masturbate after P.E. Can anyone help me with this question?? Appreicate it. Also What is Kegel exactly? And how to proform it? I have been looking on this site all around but couldn’t find any information. Thanks.

eminent88, I don’t think there is any decreased gainage related to PE gains from masterbating as long as you don’t overmasterbate and at least keep some juice (cum) left in the tank (testicles, epidymus to be exact) so to speak. You see, I have many times learned that overmasterbating about a couple times a day or even 1 every day for about 3 days in a row really takes a toll on your reproductive system and your penis starts to shrink and this seems to slow gainage a little until you hold off ejaculating for a while and build some testosterone back up and sperm in your testicles. You will know when you are overmasterbating because you will feel really worked from masterbating to much and you will not ejaculater much cum at all because there is nothing left to ejaculate… Also what you eat is important too of course, things like vegatables and fruits even though they don’t taste so great I beleive can help speed up testosterone production building more cum quickly as we use the Vitamins and nutrients (chemicals, atoms, molecules, protiens, whatever you want to call them they all are basically the same thing).

As for a kegel it really is simple to do and its not so simple to do. First off just practice stopping the flow/stream of your pee when you urinate for a second or two, then continue urinating and stop the flow of piss again. Every time you do this while peeing you are using your penis muscle called the BC muscle also called the PC muscle even though this is wrong, but it is really the BC muscle, look up a anatomy chart on a penis and you will see. That motion of the contraction to stop the flow of pee and the release of the contraction to resume peeing is called a kegel. That same motion is what you need to do to when you are not peeing to do a simple kegel. First practice doing hunderds of these simple kegels until you reach fatigue for the day or nice soreness down there then lay off until the soreness is completely gone and keep practicing that for a few weeks and your erection muscle the BC one I was just talking about will strengthen up giving you many benifits in the process. When you get advanced and more trained in doing kegels you can step up many other different kegel moves. I can currently isolate many different spots in various body positions fatiguing my whole inner shaft from kegels alone.

Also one other thing is there is RK also what is called a Reverse Kegel. This is simply the oppisite of a kegel, and it is when you kind of push out with your BC muscle as you are peeing to shoot the stream of piss out even faster. I’m sure you’ve probaly subconsiously done this before without knowing about it. RK’s have many uses in PE as well such as Blasters and erection control, etc but I would not worry about them yet if you are just starting PE.

Hope this info clarifys things for you. Good luck!

Just one question:

Do you guys think it is ok to do 2 stretch routines(morning, evening) almost every day?

Or does my dick(ligs) also needs time to heal from stretches?

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Just one question:
Do you guys think it is ok to do 2 stretch routines(morning, evening) almost every day?
Or does my dick(ligs) also needs time to heal from stretches?

That is up to you to find in time ultimatly since everyone is different did, but I would generally say that it is ok depending on what you feel would best give you quickest gains from your expierence in PE and what works for you personally. As for the healing part, like I said above, the best time when gains come is when you get a good nights sleep. Trust me…

Thanks alot lovemachine, I really appreciate your help. One last thing, would be able to please post a routine that you think is good based on your experience?


Interesting observation! I probably over-masterbate (just luv the girls)…..I’ve been at this a while and have made no gains. I’ve gone through phases of obsession, injury and consistent practice. All with no measureable gain. I’ll try laying off the porn for a while and try not to go gay- ha, ha….Best…

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