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Obsessing Over Women's Pleasure

Obsessing Over Women's Pleasure

Sure, I got into PE for a bigger dick, which means more pleasure for the ladies and all, but lately I’ve been having a change of heart…

I’m realizing that I’ve been chasing an unattainable ideal, and maybe I’m not alone. The ideal would be to have the perfect size cock for any and every woman. To be able to get even the loosest chick off in a single bound, etc, etc… I imagine myself crawling and writhing along this dry, parched road in the desert to pay homage to this giant statue of a vagina.

“How can I please you?”

“Am I good enough?”

There are a lot of posts here about the best size for women, how to do this and that to make a girl cum, do women really like big dick… the list goes on and on.

I had an epiphany… why don’t I stop obsessing over what a woman would want or enjoy? Why rake myself over the coals of my own feelings of iniquity? How about I stop worrying about a woman’s pleasure and start thinking about my OWN?

I’m not saying be an insensitive lazy lover, but think about it… women come and go, but your dick is for life (unless one of those women chop it off).

How about focusing on how great it’s gonna look and feel to be much bigger. Think about how awesome it would be to look down during sex and feel like you’re IN a porno, or even BETTER than a porno… better than anything before. Think about how much MORE pussy YOU’RE gonna feel instead of how much dick she’s gonna feel. You get what I’m saying?

Get off your knees and stop worshipping a false idol, for any woman can leave you at any time for any reason, no matter how big your dick is. If you base your happiness on others, it is destined to be taken away.

It doesn’t always have to be “all about her” all the time. If you’ve noticed, the ratio of men to women is changing. I’m convinced that women are starting to outnumber men in this world and this trend will continue. Do you know what this means? It means that good men are IN DEMAND. Hot pieces of ass are a dime a fuckin’ dozen.

I believe soon there will be a shift in society and these women who held their noses so high in the air before won’t be walking so proud anymore. They’ll be bending over backwards to please a good guy… especially as they get older and start to lose their power.

So all I’m saying is stop worrying about what these finnicky creatures want because it’s always changing. Kick back, grow your dick, enjoy it. Enjoy being MALE for a change. It’s no sin. Focus on how great sex will be for YOU…. because it will be great!

It\'s all about me.

I hear ya man….good read!!!

WOW! Now that was a profound statement of fact!! BenFranklin you have my respect with your thoughts on this matter… I think I agree with you however now that I’m head over heels about PE I’ve got to keep slogging it out!… Damn that was a mighty fine perspective you threw out there… Thanks!


As the third man here to comment on your notions mr Franklin (the third of a multitude I can safely assume), I can only say that you speak with the voice of true wisdom. If you were not one of the founders of a nation already, you certainly would be now. The Nation of Man. If only I had thought about this as a teenager, I would have avoided so much sh*t. I am now the proud owner of between 8 and 9 inches in length and over 6 in girth and lo how the female falls back in awe…Women don’t seem to respect men who are obsessed with pleasing women - it’s strange and sad but that’s the way it is. Get a big dick, learn to please yourself, enjoy the woman and let the smile come to her face by and by.

My own little contribution:

Peanuts - 100g of peanuts will provide 3g (3000mg) of l-arginine.

Black-eyed beans - 100g will provide 1.6g (1600mg) of l-arginine

Training the thigh muscles can increase blood flow to the penis by 20%

Awesome read BenFranklin!


Very interesting stuff on the peanuts! Makes since after thinking about it. Do you think walking for say 15 minutes works the thighs enough for the 20% increase in blood flow?

The power of the pussy is strong!! You guys ever notice when a hot girl comes by how fucking retarded we all start acting, shit we laugh at really stupid jokes that if a guy said them we would have asked if he was a morion or not. We sit and listen to the most boring of stories known to man and pretend interest but in reality we are staring at her lip gloss wondering if it would stay on while she’s sucking dick. It’s a tough line to follow if your too nice they don’t respect you or if your too indifferent your not going to get to know them. It’s really tough being a guy!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

>If you’ve noticed, the ratio of men to women is changing. I’m convinced that women are starting to outnumber men in this world and this trend will continue.

Women have outnumbered men in North America for quite a while.

I just wanted to second your statements against false idol worship. I have pretty strong feelings about that whole thing.

I’m glad you guys can identify with my veiws and didn’t misconstrue it with being a misogynist. It’s not about that. There’s a lot of talk about how much better sex will be for the woman, but sometimes we get so caught up in the pussy web that we forget how much better sex will feel for us men.

Sure, women can have a stupifying effect on men. I lose my mind every day. But keep in mind… a woman’s source of power resides in MAN’s DESIRE. If you can think with your brain and not your penis, you can (almost) avoid most pitfalls of men/women relations. If you resist falling under their spells, they cannot “start evil” and take control of your very soul! Not all chicks are so manipulative, but a lot of girls learn early on in their lives that they can get men to do whatever they wany just because they got a pussy between their legs.

So just enjoy being a man. Enjoy being the proud owner of a penis…the ultimate object of envy the world over…. for BOTH sexes.

It\'s all about me.

Being a gay male, I may be totally out of place here (unwanted?) with my view on women, but I’ve found this thread absolutely interesting and have to say that I do understand Ben’s observation. Although I’m not totally convinced that all women are these cunning, manipulative creatures as described, I do know of this learned behaviour that many have acquired to get what they want…the “spell” as so adequately named.

I dj part-time in a club that caters to the gay clientelle but this club also attracts many straight females (because they love the music and its a ‘safe’ place for them to party). You wouldn’t believe how many try to use their seductive ways on me to get me to play their favourite song. Try as they may, their ‘spell’ is futile on me and thus, they don’t get to hear their favourite Justin Timberlake crap. It is very interesting to watch their attempts though.

I guess this is why you see, for the most part, gay men and women getting along…the woman has no control over the ‘mans desire’ and accepts her place as merely equal. I do need to add that the many women that I’ve befriended throughout my life (I’m 42) don’t fully fit the description of being manipulative and ‘evil’…but then again, not ever having been in the horny state of mind to have pussy, I have the advantage of discarding any encounters with that type of personality.


I really can’t say for sure about 15 minutes…I get one hell of a burn in the quads (and it’s the quads we’re after from what I’ve read) after less than 15 minutes. I think the intensity is more important than any aerobic benefit. I think that the increased blood flow to the front thigh kind of has a “fall out effect”. Plus, I read that muscle mass creates male groth hormones or something like that and they help with erection quality. At least my thighs look a lot better now and I think it works but like I said, I’ve done no “lab tests”.

By the way…bet you can’t guess what I’m eating right now? Yeah…peanuts.

pt again…

Don’t think just walking will help. Some kind of strength training with weights perhaps…


spot on my man…..

Ben Franklin,

You are a genious. Thanks for writing such a good post.


Originally posted by Woodworkout
Being a gay male, I may be totally out of place here (unwanted?)

Every perspective is accepted and wanted here. Thanks for sharing yours.

Originally posted by Woodworkout
Although I'm not totally convinced that all women are these cunning, manipulative creatures as described

I agree. Some of them are really dumb. I think Dino hit that one on the head, it’s not that all of them are these cunning creatures, we can just become morions. Or morons even.

Enjoy the game.

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