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Observations, and tips.


Thanks for the answers and link. I have never had the pleasure of my partner having orgasm. Maybe im a little too anxious but i think you and your link taught me alot of things i didnt know.

Is dry jelking your main jelk excercise? Maybe I need to dry jelk to avoid this skin pinching problem seeing that my main contact will be at the base of the penis. Can you explain how the dry jelk is performed?

thanks buddy.


<<question…i understand that if you jelk palm down and push straight down toward the floor, that gains will be minimum to none.>>

Why do you say this?


Yes dry jelq is my main exercise. here goes:
I use a palms down OK grip start at the base squeeze tight enough to make the stroke last 3 second (100 stroke take 5 min).
The grip does not slide over the skin but pulls the loose skin along toward the head. Since I am cut I cant make it all the way to the head but just short. I actually do 10 strokes with the right then 10 strokes with the left relaxing the grip a bit as I go back up to the base. like i said I have an ample head so i dont bother with doing the part from the mid shaft to the head.

As far as making partner cum, I find that some women ( and its been>24 years since I had any one but my wife) cut foreplay too short it is best to resist hopping on top at the first gesture from the woman to do so. In fact I try to tease with foreplay long enough so that she is literally desparate to have me in there -
pulling me on top. For my wife oral is the best bet to heat her up quick. Women vary but you should sense that the vulva is getting very wet and slimy before plunging in. Most women take about 3-4 min to cum after penetration and the average man barely makes it half the time. Do some control exercises (eg tease and squeeze, and pc execises)for greater lasting power. has a lot more info on other lovemaking techiques esp in David Shades section, also try maximonline and menshealth on line for other sex enhancing techniques.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I read somewhere from a source I trusted but can’t remember now that the average man cums in 40 strokes, or less, and there was no reference to duration of each stroke - like if we do them slower, do we last longer (in time?)

At first I thought that was nonsensical but now I think it may be pretty much on the mark - at least on average.



<<question…i understand that if you jelk palm down and push straight down toward the floor, that gains will be minimum to none.>>
>Why do you say this?<

There is a post on another site from this guy who said that he used this technique for 7 months and didnt gain one micomilimeter of an inch. Then he decided to jelk at about 30-40 degrees higher and he noticed gains within weeks. So I was wondering if anyone else noticed this, or I wanted to bring this out in the light incase anyone here might not be gaining and is using this technique. What do you think?


thanks for the tips. infact you hit it right on the head man. your good. everytime im giving oral sex and she gets a little heated, she will start pushing me up to start penetration and beg till i give in, then within 5 minutes its all finished. She is then upset cause she was just warming up and im there crawling for my pillow cause heck, im sleepy now and i want to get some rest for the next session. I think i need to do some adjustments hey? what do you think? I will not give in next time, ill just eat till shes hollering, then ill look for the deep spot wherever it is. Maybe ill print it out so if i forget, then i will read it to refresh my memory.then ill hit it then penetrate. this should do the trick. cant wait man. Anyway have to go, gotta print and hide it under my pillow. later.


When I was younger, just married wifey tended to prompt me on too early. I soon told her (and being this blunt may not work for your gal - individualize the approach) that if she didn’t cum it was her fault because I usually didnt think she was ready at her first prompting and I explained that If I was to make it long enough to be sure she was satisfied she needed to allow me to prolong foreplay so that i didn’t shoot the wad too soon. besides delaying penetration till she is slimy and literally pulling you up by your hair do some work on staying power. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I would like to know if anyone else has obsered this:

As stated above I try to do a routine of 3on 1off, 2on 1 off.

However sometimes other events going on cause me to vary the schedule some. BTW, my “off” days are really “light” days and may involve a couple min of stretch and 100 jelqs twice a day.

But here is the thing. I noiced when I have to “rest” for 3 or so days in a row then follow with resumption of PE (sometimes doing a little extra for lost time) that not only have’t I lost anything but when I restart is when I’ll get that next 1/8” in length. I don’t measure girth that often but I supsect that the effect is similar.

Just thought I’d throw this in for anybody who is on a tough plateau and trying to break. Perhaps if more work isn’t working then a rest period followed by resumption may restart your gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve read of people experiencing the same phenomenon several times on various forums. Many experienced PEers seems to advocate going 4 weeks on and 1 week off for this very reason. Worth a shot eh? I’m going to try it for 2 weeks on and 1 off as I’m going on a trip for a week on the 18th. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Also, you’re right on with regards to many women jumping the gun. When they get excited they tend to want it immediately, rather than enjoying the prolonged titillation. I feel that if your goal is your partner’s orgasm (which isn’t always the case of course), it’s the wise man who is more methodical and makes her wait a bit. Who says men don’t understand women?

It has been 2 months since I started this thread. I am now getting close to my revised short term goal of 7.5x5.5. I reduced my original goal of 8.5x6 because I found that I was beginning to induce a little discomfort in certain positions. But lately we haven’t had prblems along these lines. (Her getting used to my increasing size and me learning how to weild it without causing pain). I have notice that during the last 7 days prior to her period is when she is most likely to get discomfort - so I’ll be more careful then. It seems like at my current size I hardly ever cause any discomfort in the rest of her cycle.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Hey my friend, I enjoyed this old thread so I bumped it. What’s your current routine and size now?


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