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Nutrition's link to PE


It’s nice to know I ‘m not the only one ,I use yoghurt on my bread.

Originally posted by base

For example, instead of using butter or marge on bread, I use rape oil. (uh-huhhuhuh, he said “rape”…) ;)

In Spanish, Rape (Rah-peh) is a fish. Don’t know the transalation in English. Are you referring to this?


Well this may seem a little wild but over the past few days I’ve been stuck on the idea that maybe bad nutrition is beneficial for gains.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the whole idea with PE to put your penis into a “wounded” (so to speak) state - ie. blood cells enlarged, ligaments full of micro-tears, tunica stretched beyond normal capacity…

So if we’re eating spotless meals perhaps the penis will heal faster, but is this what we really want. I was always under the impression that we break our penis down typically for 5 days of the week and then let it heal for 2 days. If it’s healing every night perhaps it’s tougher to get good gains.

What I mean is…

Scenario one:
Day 1: Do damage good for 0.003” length gains, have good nutrition.
Day 2: Penis has healed overnight. Do damage for 0.003” length gains again. Total damage: 0.006” length.

Scenario two:
Day 1: Do damage good for 0.003” length gains, have poor nutrition.
Day 2: Penis remains unhealed. Further pressure does damage good for an additional 0.006” length due to the already enlarged and vulnerable state. Total damage: 0.009” length.

Then we have our huge gainers such as DLD that work their PE routine every day and according to RB have poor nutrition. So DLD for example is constantly breaking his penis’s boundaries and never letting it heal. And incidently he penis is about 180% what is originally was.

Any comments?

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