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nut muscle?

nut muscle?

I was just wondering if I was supposed to be able to make my balls draw up and down. I have a muscle in my pelvis that if I contract up and in it causes my balls to draw up. When I stretch my balls down and draw this muscle up and in it pulls my balls up and I can feel alot of strain where that muscle is. is this normal. can you guys draw your balls up and let them drop at will?


It’s called the cremaster and the article can explain it in much better detail than I can. I learned about it in reverse because of a press release for the Cremaster Cycle. I wish I hadn’t watched that.

that’s why docs have you cough. It’s so you will contract these muscles and they can feel if your balls draw upward. This tells them that you have no hernia. I guess you could bypass the cough if you had the balls (pun intended) to tell the doc you can contract the muscles without coughing.

I once saw a guy do a cremaster reflex that was astounding. (It was around a campfire; most had a few drinks that loosened them up for this circus show.) He could move his whole package (cock and balls) up and down about an inch. Not just a twitch—no exaggeration. But then on top of that, he could raise and lower his scrotum & testicles by about 2+ inches… at will, in rapid succession. It was like the difference between a 20 degree day and a 95 degree day. It was truly deserving of being in a circus side show. We asked him how he did it. He just said he once discovered his “talent” one day after getting out of the shower. Some guys are endowed in different ways, I guess :)

You guys can’t pull your nuts up? It happens when I kegel. Not into my body like sumo wrestler style, but just a tug up.

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Its a kung fu move! To stop the enemy kicking them in the balls, some martial artists can completely recall their valuables to a safer place, turtle style :chuckle:

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