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Noticed Something Last night.

Noticed Something Last night.

Last night while getting a cup of cottage cheese before i went to bed i was checking out my member and noticed that the veins near/on the surface were really vascular and pumped. This was about 1 hour after my session.
This morning when i was getting dressed, i looked that the same veins and they were not as engorged or as visible.

I guess that this is good news and that my method is working since they are still enlarged post session yet since i have only been doing this for a week they havent yet maintained the gain?



Work the Girth...

You’ll find the veins will become more and more visible on a permenant basis. Within 2 months of jelqing you won’t recognise your penis. Hopefully not because of discoloration but because its a veiny hulk of a thing which hangs lower and swings around more :)

Your post workout flaccid should be bigger and should shrink down overnight. This will carry on but that after workout size will become bigger as the months progress and your normal flaccid expands.

I always measure my post workout flaccid. Not for size’s database :) but to measure the intensity of the workout and its a wonderful thing when you notice that its 1/2” bigger than it was. Its like a teaser for an upcoming blockbuster movie :)

Don’t assume that your normal flaccid size will very quickly become the size of your present post workout flaccid, that way lies madness and towers, girls with long hair and stuff.

madness and towers, girls with long hair and stuff

cracked me up, that is too funny…

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