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Not stretching for a couple of months to gain girth

Not stretching for a couple of months to gain girth

OK, so I am no newbie to PE but I am starting my routine back up after an extended break. But I am just doing jelqing for about a month or two, to really try and impact on my girth gains. Will doing this hinder my chances of length in any way!? Because I have heard mixed things, that focusing on girth first hinders length but I have also heard the exact opposite! So which theory can I believe! But in reality it’s not like I am Clamping or anything, I am just jelqing without doing any stretches for a couple of months. I already have a BPEL of 7.25” and I want to get 8” BPEL. Is this still feasible if I jelq without any stretches for a couple of months?

Well I did an all jelq routine some time back. Now while my EG did increase, my BPEL and FL did reduce.I say it is best to put some stretches into the routine to hae some kind of balance. Although, everybody is different, that is just what happened to me.r

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I think the conventional wisdom is that increasing girth makes it more difficult to subsequently increase length. I do not know that to be true, however.

If you know you want more length eventually anyway, why not stretch and jelq? A common concern among those starting out is that stretching will result in a long, thin penis. This does not seem to be the case; members seem to gain girth along with length. In fact, some members have wanted to get length to the exclusion of girth, and found that they got (in their case) unwanted girth along with their length gains.

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