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Well I guess I veered a little off course there. What I started to say before taking my little stroll down memory lane was that, The best place for the squadron of a carrier during a hurricane is aloft. You simply launch the Planes and let them fly out of harm’s way. Get as much of the fleet you can out in open sea. A hurricanes rotary speed might be 200 miles per hour plus, but their flank is very slow. A fast fleet can literally navagate circles around them. Well, the tin cans and small fast ships in the fleet stay out in the sunshine, carriers usually stayed in the edge of the spiral bands. All ahead full on the FID in 1972 was 52 knots. I’ve been through a few pretty bad storms. A 90 foot wave hit us on the starboard side, making our way back to Norfolk from the North Atlantic. It knocked a three foot thick steel hanger-bay door off it’s tracks and it killed two sailors.


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