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Nocturnal and Morning Erections

Nocturnal and Morning Erections

I haven’t had one of these in a couple of years, and just recently I have been getting both, and serious ones too! Hope thats a sign of things to come!

It is a very positive sign that you are restoring good blood flow and health to your cock. The same thing happened to me when I started PE. It’s great isn’t it? I have always called PE the fountain of youth for my cock. I am now 52 and get night hard-ons like I was a teenager again.

Now that your cock is getting back in condition, it is a sign that you will be progressing from now on.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Glad they are coming back for you. Nocturnal erections perform the very valuable tasks of housecleaning and tissue oxygenation. The average, healthy male has 4 - 5 of them a night, each lasting about a half hour. This cycle of tumescence and deflation - arterial filling then venous draining removes accumulated fibrous gunk in our penile vascular systems that we accumulate during the day and increases oxygen levels in tissue.

Older guys, like gprent and me and maybe you, should encourage the nocturnal erection cycle. There’s probably nothing more helpful in preventing ED, imo.



Thats awesome!!

Life is a game! You win some you lose some! The only easy day was yesterday Just be happy :)

Hmm, I haven’t had any for a while.. too many late nights.

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I mostly wake up with a nice woody. Don’t know exactly why but I kinda like it.

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Originally posted by Super_Ectomorph
Hmm, I haven't had any for a while.. too many late nights.

Here’s a trick that may kick them in again, and a safe one. Take about 1 gram (1000 mg) of L-arginine (any GNC or nutrition store) at bedtime. Requires a week or two to get it going. L-a is a precursor to nitric oxide, an essential in creating erections. Odds are you’ll start waking up hard more often.



Like Avocet myself & the rest of the over 50 crowd here PE is like fountain of youth for the penis & not just for gains in length & girth. It helps keeps the penis in condition & keeps the erectile process functioning. There is no better feeling for a man than to have a rock hard erection & for those of us who practice PE we have them everyday. I was going to post this message this morning but I had to meet my wife in the bedroom for some great sex. I call PE penile exercise which is a must to keep you organ in shape. I started here at 7 going for 9 & my wife & myself love every inch. So keep masturbating have sex & keep yourself long & hard to 100 & beyond.

How do you people know when you get a boner at night? I know I have one in the morning, but I have no idea what goes on at night.

I was so hard that it was almost uncomfortable. It woke me up. I’m only 30years old, but even in my late teens I never recalled having an erection that hard and taught. It was great. I had them all week, but last night was exceptional. Can’t wait for beddy bye time!

I’m sitting here getting a boner already. When I get a night time erection now I do 100 kegels to exercise my cock. Keep going inch when your my age 55 your cock will feel like a teenager again.

Morning erections were one of the first thing that made me believe that PE was working. It’s a wonderful thing and it helps with jelqing when you first get up. I don’t know how many times I sport the wood at night. Though a few times when I woke up in the middle of the night I was hard. It’s a nice feeling. Avocet, thanks for that explanation on the benefits of nocturnal erections . By the way, I always enjoy seeing that shore bird. From now on it will remind me of the Hawaiian dude.

Originally posted by Mick
How do you people know when you get a boner at night? I know I have one in the morning, but I have no idea what goes on at night.

If you are a heavy sleeper you probably won’t be aware of what’s going on during the night. If they’re real persistent, though, they can wake you up.

Here’s an old urologist’s tool: paste a ring of postage stamps (use cheap ones) around your flaccid when you go to bed. If the ring is broken when you wake, you had at least one nocturnal erection; likely several but the stamps of course won’t record them.

inch x inch;

Imagine how much your penile vascular system must be improving. A good nocturnal pattern will also make you far more responsive in sex from an erection point of view. After you reach your size goals, maintain at least some kind of light PE program. There is truth to the saying, “Use it or Lose it.” The more erections you have, the more you are likely to have, and that goes for any stage in your life.



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