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No warm up before "manual clamp"

No warm up before "manual clamp"


I have PE:d since 14 months now… No results.

Anyway, I am living at home now for the summer with parents and find my standard routine hard to manage.
I therefore started to clamp with my hands (no need to use oil which makes it easier, more discrete)…

I work up the erection and kegel and then I trap at the base, with a tight grip. Then I hold for 3x5 minutes or so.


Since I am very conditioned, can I skip the warm-sock-warmup and just go at it? Without high risk of injury?
I just want to be as discrete as I can, and having a sock around all the time raises suspicion.

You can try luka’s warmup bottle instead, do a search, it’s more private.

I would suggest a warmup although it’s not crucial, but could lead to better gains.

Get a IR lamp and if anyone asks say its for your joints? Thats what I did until I started living alone.

But I would advise some sort of loosening of the tissues in the penis before any type of PE exercise. Its just not worth NOT doing it IMO. Firstly because you don’t want to damage your penis and secondly because you may find you gain better with a ‘looser’ penis than if its fresh out of the box.

I haven’t warmed up for a very long time now. I basically just do a few jelqs then go on to more intense stuff.

I don’t have any problem with the no warming up, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t. Oh… and the stuff I do it much more intense than a manual clamp.

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