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No sore feeling after Tunica hanging

No sore feeling after Tunica hanging

I hanged BTC till I learnt about LOT theory recently. My LOt is between 7 and 8. I have hanged for over 150 hours since october 2001 with a gain of roughly 2/3 inch before reaching my (probable) saturation leverl in February 2003.. My last poundage for BTC was 20 Lbs a month ago. Since then I am hanging OTS with around 25 Lbs. However I feel that my package is not sore after 3 sets of 20 minutes, 5 days a week. But if I hang straight out (around 8:30 angle) at the edge of a chair at 25 Lbs I do get a sore feeling. What should I continue with? Will appreciate veteran’s inputs. Thanks.


I’m probably not the most qualified person to answer your questions as, also due to the infamous LOT theory, I only switched my attack angle a few weeks back. I had a lot of problems at the outset with wrap etc, but am getting back into the swing of things.

If you say you do not have soreness OTS, chances are you are not working your penis enough to see results. If on the other hand you do have fatigue SO, I would continue in that direction to maximize any benefit I could obtain. AS to the OTS, it is possible that you require more weight, and then you would have to assess the factor of opportunity coat. If a lot of weight/time/effort shows little benefit, then it makes sense that other angles would be more ‘profitable’.

I personally am continuing SO for a sufficiently long period to obtain results - if no results are achieved, only then will I change to OTS.



I am also working on the tunica, but I am using DLD’s experimental routine. I had a nooner with the wife yesterday, so I knew that getting a good jelqing session would be difficult. I decided to do some fulcrum hanging and then hang straight out using my “under the desk” hanging setup. I hung a couple of sets with 15 lbs. at 20 min. each. My tunica was definitely sore. I am now working on rigging up a pulley system that I can clamp onto my desk that will allow me to vary the hanging angle from 12 o’clock down to 10 o’clock. Bib said that he hung a lot at these angles when he was trying to work the tunica. I can’t stand having a rope over my shoulder trying to hang straight up, so hence the pulley system. I do over the side using my fulcrum rod and it works well.

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I’m doing OTS with 8.75# for Tunica stretch. It’s my shoulder that gets sore, not my dick…Gets kinda like that “bra” ridge.

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"

I’m no hanger, but for what it’s worth, I never get any lingering tunica soreness, yet have gained 1/2” in the past 60 days from manual stretching at upward angles…

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Thanks for all the inputs

It seems to me that tunica needs to be attacked at different angles and that the sore feeling is different than sore ligament feeling. I think the pulley system ingenuity is the answer to the neeed of varying angles of attack. How much should be the vertical distance between the package and the pulley rigged under the desk? Thanks once again for the replies.

Just from manual stretching alone, my tunica has been sore as hell the last few days. I guess it varies from person to person, the technique, and the kind of force you’re working with.

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I get good soreness..

I’ve been switching between fulcrum hanging and SO for the last week or so. Since I own a regular hanger, I’m limited to the positions I can get into while fulcrum hanging. Hanging 20 lbs SO at the 9:00 position, I get plenty sore after the 2nd set. I notice SO at 9:00 that the top side of the tunica is very tight, much more so than the bottom, but sliding the office chair so the angle is 10:00 or higher, the bottom tightens up like the top (although its not as comfortable). Is it possible that the ‘chord’ I feel on top is really a ligament (fundiform?????) and not the tunica, or does the tunica tighten up like that being stretched at 20 lbs? The 9:00 SO feels productive, but do you think I should figure out how to overcome the discomfort of the higher positions and hang higher to help out the bottom, or will it eventually catch up as the top is stretched? Basically which part are we tunica stretchers primarily concerned with? Yes, I know both, but I mean for making most efficient use of our time.

I also don’t get sore and I do 2 hours a day with a 10 minute break in between. The only part that gets sore is my ass from sitting down so long.

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