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No "pump" when jelqing

No "pump" when jelqing

I squeeze HARD and usually jelq for about 20 minutes mixed with kegels. I just dony get a huge pumped engorged member when

I’m done infact it looks tired after the shower warmdown. my base seems to be thickening, I am manual streaching and just started with ads. I want some visable results and so far after two months other than a bit of girth regained I’ve got shit. I jueq with at least an 80% erection. Suggestions?



Routine and schedule?

Well hydrated?



5x aweek 5min shower warmup 5-10 min man streach

20 min jelqing 100 fast 1second tempo , the rest alt over under hand (overhand gets a better O grip. mY base is much thicker than midshaft 5.75) and head is thick as base (6”). I’ve used the ads “the strap and I’m doubtful at best about that deal. I wish the bib hanger was still around since everyone here has had wonderful things to say about it. is an inch more too much to ask? *Sniff*

water well i could drink more I just want to see some indication that this is worth doing for ME. Glad I m not small but 7 aint enough either.



You’re after length primarily? Well, your girth is similar to mine. Suggest you stop if that’s what you are after.

You need to either hang or do stretching exclusively. I stopped all girth stuff when I realized I was only shooting myself in the foot by increasing girth when what I really wanted was length. You can hang sufficiently for awhile with an AFB hanger (try Tom’s site below) or fashion a Bibhanger yourself. There are numerous versions of the Bibhanger that guys have done. Try this thread for some examples:

One inch is definitely within reach. I am creeping up on it here sometime soon. Primarily through hanging.

Btw, for jelqing a 5/2 schedule is way too intensive. You ain’t helping yourself there.

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