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No more videos for me

No more videos for me

This morning I woke up early with a lot of inspiration to start of my morning peing. I really got in the mood and started a porn track on the pc while jelqing. I shouldn’t have done that because I got carried away and forgot my willie. Suddenly I felt this pain as if I needed more lubrication. Then I discovered that I got a big rupture on a vein (about the size of a dime) close to the base. Is this serious, it´s all blue and I can’t show it to anyone, let alone my wife. —What have you done dear. Oh, I just pinched it while closing the door. You don’t say, honey; not a lovebite eh?— What can I do (I guess the main responses will be rest)? Well, that´s it, no more porno while peing for me.

Let me guess - full erection while jelqing?


It’s probably better to PE without porn anyway—the ability to get an erection on your own command without external stimulus could prove useful…


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Yes, I did it with full erection :( . The question now is, should I wait until the mark disappears completely (it´s blue and big) or can I start jelq anyway? As it dosn´t sit close to the head, I still do stretching.


I too blew a vein at the base just like you, but I did it with uli squeezes. I would take a break and let it heal. There is no sense in making it worst or prolonging the injury. Just my opinion!



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